Saraswati Puja Style Guide – 5 Chic Ideas of Draping a Saree and Win Hearts

Saraswati Puja Style Guide – 5 Chic Ideas of Draping a Saree and Win Hearts

Saraswati Puja is one of the gorgeous occasions in Bengal where a budding love story comes to a warm conclusion. A day when you are far away from the books, meet new people, a day for the singles, and finally, the only day when you find the teenagers in ethnic Bengali dresses – Saree and Punjabi.

Saraswati Puja is above those “Anjali” and “Prasad” – it is the perfect day to celebrate your love of life. Hence, people call it as Bengali’s own Valentine Day. Everyone, almost everyone you look around wants to be the perfect. Whether it is a boy wearing yellow cotton Punjabi or a young girl, trying out her mother’s yellow bordered Tant Saree.

This boutique owner of IndyVogue also has innumerable memories of Saraswati Puja. However, let me keep those stories for another day. As all women will be trying out a saree over other dress material, thus I will like to deck them up with the best saree style guide to rock the Saraswati Puja 2018.

Will you like to take a ride with me? Let me begin.


Saraswati Puja, in general, is celebrated in the spring. The festival has warmth in itself. The weather turns pleasant, the cold winds turn mild and above all the fragrance of spring flowers make the ambiance more soothing and healing. So choosing the colors of your apparel is a big thing. Spring denotes vibrant colors. As you look around you will find flowers bloom and try to décor nature. It is so young, lively and refreshing all around.

However, we go for yellow as our first preference, but you can also choose orange, green, red and white. We have a good Saraswati puja saree collection this year with all these vibrant colors – so the choice is yours.


As you will like to dress up perfectly to impress your beau – choice of the material is also a huge factor. There are huge choices but predominantly it is the tant, cotton, dhakai, and tussar, which is sure to woe many hearts. Pick something light to wear on this eve. You can also pick a range of Kantha stitch, batik or pure handlooms.


After the choice of your Saraswati puja saree and selection of your color and material, the next step you need to take is to adorn yourself with the perfect drape. I have ten awesome ideas to make you look different and get compliments, praises and maybe a perfect date.

  1. Tradtional Nivi drape

This is classic and you will find your mother ready to help you this pattern anytime. Most of us actually swear by it. Women throughout the country and even the fashionistas find it as the coolest way to wear a saree. You just need a perfect fit blouse and complementing accessories to wear the stunning look in Saraswati Puja. Try wearing a Murshidabad Silk or a Tussar Silk to wear in this format.

Here is a video tutorial from the blogger, who adorns herself with a Nivi Style Drape, enjoy it!

  1. Lehenga Saree Style

Now being trendy and staying in vogue makes you the fashionista. To kill your lovers with that magical look you can try a Lehenga Style Saree drape this Saraswati Puja 2018. It is a head-turner at many events. You will find pre-stitched lehenga saree on the market, but you can also do it by yourself. Just you need to make multiple pleats in your pallu and tuck it around the waist.

Check how Blogger Babita Aggarwal tries out this style for you all -

  1. Mermaid Saree Style

These days Bollywood is just setting the stage on fire with this saree drape. Whether it is a red carpet or a Movie Premier, those with the curvy bodies will not leave a single inch to flaunt their figure. If you have a curvaceous body, adore it with a mermaid style saree in this Saraswati Puja. It just not requires any pleats around the waist. It has a skirt-like look at the lower end and makes you look slim and sexy.

Here is how the blogger Dharma tries out to drape a mermaid style in the video below –

  1. Open Pallu Style

One of the immensely popular and you can popular draw an inspiration from anywhere and any occasion, as women love to try this drape often. The first half of the saree draping style is just the basic one, what differs here is that the pallu is not pleated and left lying over the shoulder.  

Here’s how team We Makeover does it easily - 

  1. Bengali Athpourey Style Saree

One of the bright and easy traditional saree wearing style is the Athpourey look. You can frequently find the Bollywood movies with a Bengali hint in it or any traditional Bengali festival exhibits women wearing this saree. It gives you the ultimate look and flaunts you in the best possible way. To try out some more traditional saree draping style you can have a look at our recent blogs –

To know the perfect way to wear a saree in Bengali style learn it from Indian Youtuber - 

Hope you will love to pick any one of this style from the list and look the most gorgeous and wear a drop-dead look. Anyone of this style you pick will make you elegant, lady-like and enough to garner praises and woes.

Enjoy reading!

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