Here we go again. Yes, after the first part I think you have started to pick some of the popular designs from them. But as I suggested in my last article that halt till I bring the other ten as well. 

You will be astound to see that the blouse neck designs are amazing for trying out. Get started to look the best and dig in what is available. Let us just check what are the rest of the 20 designs.

Top 20 Blouse Neck Designs to Try in 2021

My list contains some ever-green necklines that never go out of fashion and you can confidently try them out with your saree blouse! This the continuation of the last article and check out which design can be customized for your next look. 

#11. High Neck Blouse

Women with long and toned necks can look gorgeous in high-neck blouses. Again, more coverage and less skin show these ones are simple yet elegant. These days we see a lot of high necks in our collection.

1. Body Types: Broad shoulders, Long and petite necks, Well-toned collar bones
2. Saree fabrics to try with: Light fabrics like Satins, Georgettes

A Big No for: Women with very short necks

#12. U-Shape Neck Blouse

Try out a simple U shape neck with or without sleeves is a good start to get out of the traditional saree mode.

1. Body Types: Well-toned shoulders, Average busted women
2. Saree outfits to try with: Any outfit

A Big No for: Heavy chested or flat chested women

Type of Blouse Designs Part 1

#13. Round Neck Blouse

Round necks have been there since the ‘Nutan’ times and have always been the saviour designs. Go for a one-sleeved or designer-sleeved blouse if you are out of a box kind!

1. Body Types: Any body type
2. Saree outfits to try with: Side Drape, Single Pleats, Northern Drape

#14. T-Back Blouse

These dates back to those similar racer back tees. But have now modified as well designed blouse options. T-back blouses have a ravishing back neck that can be embroidered or embellished to be highlighted. It is one beautiful pick if you want the attention on our back rather than the front side of the outfit.

Go for these if you have an elegant shoulder line and back.

#15. Peplum Blouse

Grace and poise comes guaranteed with peplum blouses. Do a lot to enhance your waistline. With the extra fabric frills, they get all the attention to your tender waist. Do not try this out if you are having too many inches over there.

1. Body Types: Hourglass Shape, Triangle Shaped
2. Saree outfits to try with: Stiff fabrics like Silk, Raw Silk, and Linen

#16. Off-Shoulder Blouse

If you are not very fond of sleeveless or strapless and love to have sleeves in your outfits, off-shoulder blouse is a good option. You can flaunt your shoulders to the fullest, these give you a very stunning way to show off your collar bones with equally peppy sleeves.

1. Body Types: Very well-toned women

A Big No for: Women with heavy arms and shoulder

#17. Butterfly Sleeve Blouse

Butterfly sleeves look amazing when you have a sheer blouse or a net Sari to drape it with. Go for some subtle thread work on your flared sleeves to get a designer outfit in a very low budget!! Flares will add up the volume to your overall look. This might not be a pick for women who wish to look slimmer.

#18. High Low Blouse

Play hide and seek with the onlookers by getting into this beautiful concept of trying out high-low blouses. We personally recommend wearing this without a dupatta to keep it graceful on!!

1. Body Types: As per your comfort level
2. Saree outfits to try with: Any Fabric

A Big No for: Plump and under-toned waistlines

#19. Criss-Cross Blouse

It evolved from the concept of sarongs. This is now shortened and made more exposing, criss cross blouses are fabulous for beach parties or destination weddings. You might even go with some subtle embellishment along with the necklines.

1. Body Types: Hourglass body types, Pear-shaped women
2. Saree fabrics to try with: Light Fabrics

A Big No for: Flat Chested women

#20. Jewel Neck Blouse

Eliminate the need of wearing any statement jewelry with beautifully embellished jewel neck blouses. These have heavy embroidery with gems and lapis lazuli on the neck area especially and look great if your outfit with the blouse is simple and subtle.

A Big No for: Heavy busted women as the neckline is heavy

Came to the End of Our List

So we are done. We have come to the end of our long list of blouse neck designs. These are the best for every onlookers to try out. An amazing design gallery of best possible blouse design to try out this festive season. Just make your watchlist now!

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