An idea in mind and the zest in the soul, IndyVogue is established completely based on a well-nurtured notion of Sumana. Sumana Bhattacharya, the lifeline of IndyVogue, gave her dream a shape into reality and therefore IndyVogue is born in 2014. It was all her initiation and now IndyVogue is growing better than bigger. Ever since the initiation, the only aim of IndyVogue is to bring the bests of the Indian ethnic wear most fairly priced for its patrons.

Starting from the beginning IndyVogue has received immense love and trust from its patrons and it has helped IndyVogue to grow faster. To keep this trust intact, and grow the love even bigger, IndyVogue has tried to create its own core team. After all, managing all the requirements with proper care is the key to success. Nothing is as important as quality maintenance and customer satisfaction. IndyVogue Prides on the small team that works incessantly to bring the best for its valuable patrons.

A Quick Introduction to the IndyVogue Team

Sumana Bhattacharya completed her Masters in Economics from University of Calcutta & was working with the Department of Education, Govt. of West Bengal to provide training to the teachers in Government Schools. She moved to USA in 2005 after getting married & is the mother of 2 kids.

She is the one that drives IndyVogue every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Salute to her and her undying spirit.

Sovona Bhattacharya is leading the Quality department for IndyVogue from its very inception. We never compromise on quality and that has been our moto from the inception and no one better to serve that role than her. She is a musician, a social worker and most importantly a very loving person.
Dibyendu Das, an MBA from Symbiosis, is heading the operation for IndyVogue and is also responsible for accounting, photography, shipping, inventory management and ......the list is endless. Dibyendu is the founder of VIBGYOR Global Solutions which is IndyVogue's fulfillment partner for India. His dedication, hard work and "Never Say Die" attitude is an asset to our team. Dibyendu is also known for his social works and love for his friends...
Satyaki Sarkar has been leading the eCommerce management of IndyVogue. It is his passion, creativity and vision that is taking IndyVogue forward in it journey towards a scalable solution. A poet, an accomplished actor, a loving husband and a caring father are just a few of his traits.
Sukanya Bose is the "thesaurus" of IndyVogue. It is her charming words that bring life to the Sarees and the other collections of IndyVogue. She is very detailed and leaves no stone unturned to write the descriptions aptly. She is an ardent pet lover, an anchor, an artist and most importantly an integral part of the IndyVogue team.
Kajari Banerjee has been leading the procurement for IndyVogue from its very inception. She is also a versatile designer whose work has been appreciated by our patrons over and over again. She really makes sure that the products we deliver to our patrons are unique and exemplary.
Tarun Kumar Bhattacharya has been with IndyVogue from the time we started. He is the one who takes care of all the accounting and financial details of the company and lends his hands to anyone else who needs it.


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