10 Mind-Blowing Ideas to Organize Your Saree Wardrobe - Part 1

Which is the most beautiful Indian attire of all? Obviously, saree. But just buying the saree and wearing it as a drape on different occasions - does not end the story for any saree lover. To preserve your sarees in a delicate manner to store them for a longer time require perseverance and a sense of responsibility for your drapes.Maintaining your saree is a big responsibility. But what we usually do issimply fold them and stack them on one another in our wardrobes and that is the most incorrect way of storing sarees.To keep your saree new for years and always wrinkle-free I thought to write down some of the best tips to make your sarees happy and you be happier.Let me walk you through some of the mind-blowing ideas to organize your saree wardrobe and stay stress-free. 

Tip 1: Organize with Saree Storage Boxes

Have you heard about them - trust me you have heard! And I bet you have some of the fancy ones in your wardrobe too. But we keep only the special sarees into them. But it is convenient to arrange your sarees even if you have a small space, or when you are traveling.

But you will ask me it is the same folding the saree, - I agree! But, why not store them separately, fabric and embroidery wise in a saree storage box. Such boxes are cheap and easily available in the market and it also helps to keep your sarees stacked neatly without and hassle.

Hanging your saree is not the only option and it also is not convenient if you have small space. In that case, folding your sarees is the only option.

Tip 2: Get Anti-Slip Saree Hangers

For those who are saree lovers, it is obvious that they tend to build a big wardrobe or have more than one wardrobe. And hanging the sarees to pull them out easily is the one reason to have big wardrobes.

But hanging sarees might make you regret, as most of the sarees slip out of the hanger. To overcome this problem, there are special hangers available in the market for hanging sarees that are anti-slip. 

Tip 3: Store  Saree as per Fabric

It is quite basic yet equally important.You got the idea of how to store your sarees, now you need to know how to keep them wrinkle-free.Fabrics like chiffon and Georgette and mostly wrinkle-free hence you should store such sarees together rather than storing heavy bordered sarees with them as it tends to damage the soft fabric of chiffon and georgette sarees.

Tip 4: Do Some Saree Color Coding

Another way of storing your sarees is by color-coding them. Some people tend to wear certain colours for certain occasions and if you are that person this tip is going to help you.

Tip 5: Separate Saree from Other Attires

It's not just the saree, it’s also about storing blouses and petticoats. Hanging all the three or stacking them in a box makes it look untidy and cumbersome. To avoid such a thing store your blouses and petticoats separately.

Well, this is a single part which I wrote I have five more tips to share with you in the coming week. In the meantime you can shop some more and just brighten up your wardrobe any time!

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