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Saree is an Indian woman’s legacy. No matter how far she lives from her own land, but the Saree still appeals her the most. Whatever the occasion is, every Indian lady dreams to adore her beauty with a beautiful, elegant, unique saree.

We, at IndyVogue, offer you to cherish your dream with us.

Our extensive line of thoughtfully designed Sarees will surely catch your eyes. Be it Bridal, or Wedding Reception; a traditional festival or a party night; a friend's’ day out or just a lazy weekend- we wish to dress up you the best.

Explore our range - variation in colors, fabrics, and differently stylized sarees in the most economical price will surely make you fall for them.

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Deep Peach Color Kanjeevaram SilK Saree

From $269.00 USD
SKU: 10230730
Put up a different look any time with Kanchipuram silk varieties in a regal combination of deep peach color with copper zari weaving paisley work on the border, & on the body in the...

Zeus Black Color Katan Banarasi Saree with Allover Jaali Work

$305.00 USDFrom $275.00 USD
SKU: 10221050
A unique collection for the festive season. With allover jaali zari work and paisley motif donning the Zeus black color body with intricately designed details, it appears exquisite. Buy this collection...

Light Tussar Color Pure Gadwal Silk Saree with Allover Horizontal Stripes and Zari Buti

From $325.00 USD
SKU: RGC-10240411
Now make your evening parties special with pure gadwal silks like this one in light tussar color with horizontal stripe checks on the body and traditional golden zari buti work on the...

Black and Orange Color Gadwal Silk Saree with Allover Checks

From $379.00 USD
SKU: MVN-10240066
Now make your evening parties special with pure gadwal silks like this one in black and orange combination color with graph checks in orange on the body and traditional golden buti zari...

Jet Black Color Tussar Georgette Banarasi Saree with Zari and Meenakari Work

From $410.00 USD
SKU: BWP-10240380
An elegant collection with fine traditional golden zari weaving on the pallu and the border in kadhua style with meenakari zari buti work on the body in a mandala pattern with silver zari butta alongside...

Dual Tone Fire Yellow Color Pure Maharani Paithani Silk Saree

From $369.00 USD
SKU: GKR-10240400
Buyer's alert as we bring fresh Maharani Paithani right here, right now.  With golden zari buti work on the body, peacock motifs on the pallu, and a plaintive zari work at the border spread across...

Multicolor Brown and Rust Color Pure Gachi Tussar with Kantha Embroidery

From $385.00 USD
SKU: NKA-10240145
Look at the classy beauty as ever with our fresh collection of pure Gachi tussar silk sarees with elegant work on Kantha stitch embroidery to decorate it right up. Try...

Brown and Black Dual Tone Swarnachari Silk Saree with Zari Work

From $279.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240340
Uplift your wedding season look with dual-tone brown and black colors in fabric like Swarnachari silk. We bring you amazing work in swarnachari sarees such as refined golden zari work on the pallu and the border, making it look...

Ultramarine Blue Color Pure Raw Silk Banarasi Saree with Antique Zari Work

From $265.00 USD
SKU: GFC-10240127
A captivating saree for amazing parties, available in a shade of ultramarine blue color with full-body having a traditional antique finish zari work in a mandala-paisley motif pattern with zari weaving on the pallu and the...

Pure Black Color Bangalore Silk Saree with Allover Kantha Stitch Work

From $369.00 USD
SKU: NKA-10240147
Be the talk of the town in 2024 with our rich and hand-picked collection of Bangalore silks with Kantha stitches done by our artisans with elaborate and detailed attributes of...

Offwhite Color Pure Raw Silk Banarasi Saree with Antique Zari Work

From $265.00 USD
SKU: GFC-10240126
Be the showstopper with the latest shade of offwhite color with full-body having a traditional antique finish zari work in a mandala-paisley motif pattern with zari weaving on the pallu and the border making this silk...

Deep Wine Color Matka Silk Saree with Copper Zari Work and Kantha Style Weaving

From $189.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240240
Just facelifts your wardrobe with the literary new change in weaving style. It comes with thorough copper zari butta work with kantha-style weaving in the stripe design pattern on the whole...

Purple Color Pure Katan Banarasi Saree with Butta Work

From $289.00 USD
SKU: 10231522
Explore anew look with a purple color katan silk banarasi saree weave with a full-body having traditional zari work on the pallu in filigree style and traditional weaving on the border...

Cream Yellow Color Pure Ikkat Silk Saree with Multicolor Butti Work

From $285.00 USD
SKU: MSH-10240221
One royal collection you will love to try with us is this cream-yellow color ikat. A perfect blend of twisted tales is recited via this design with rhombus style ikat buti work...

Chiku and Purple Dual Tone Color Revival Baluchari Silk Saree with Meenakari Pallu

From $315.00 USD
SKU: 10231241
Do you know every Revival Baluchari silk has a different story to tell? The recreation of the original Golani (kadhua) work of the traditional with intricate designs depicting paisley motifs and floral motifs....

Green and Purple Color Ikat Silk Saree

From $259.00 USD
SKU: MSH-10240224
This is yet another royal ikat collection with the ikat traditional motif work on the body which has a base of green color with an amazing mandala motif on the pallu,...

Offwhite and Black Color Pure Gadwal Silk Saree with Silver and Golden Zari Butta Work

From $349.00 USD
SKU: RGC-10240414
Make your admirers stop and have an infinity look at you with the pure gadwal silk saree with golden and silver zari work in the form of butta alluring the body and...

Onion PInk Color Tussar Georgette Banarasi with Silver Zari & Meenakari Work

From $295.00 USD
SKU: 10231407
The latest entry with fine traditional meenakari buti weaving on the body, pallu, and border that comes with paisley style traditional silver zari work in kadhua pattern on the border and pallu makes...

Leaf Green Color Pure Gadwal Silk Saree with Allover Checks with Silver and Golden Zari Buti Work

From $345.00 USD
SKU: RCG-10240415
Make your festive season bring a different vibe with our all-new gadwal silk. Like this one, the leaf green color combination with a graph check-work design on the whole body is entwined...

Multicolor Bishnupur Katan Silk Saree with Hand Painted Durga Avatar and Wax Batik Work

From $159.00 USD
SKU: 10230633
A true hand-painted pure Bishnupur silk saree with all-over wax batik and hand painting fused beautifully to carve out the picture of Maa Durga in a calm avatar with lotus surrounding...

Lavender Color Chiffon Banarasi with Silver Zari and Chikanakri Work

From $229.00 USD
SKU: BWP-10240158
Look the best and the classy with our latest collection of chiffon banarasi silk sarees like this one in lavender color with amazing silver zari work of intrinsic pattern floral...

Blush Peach Color Crepe Silk with Hand Pearl Embroidery with Scallops Border

From $269.00 USD
SKU: 10231455
A newly curated collection in our inventory with hand pearl/moti embroidery popped up beautifully and donning the whole saree makes this resham crepe silk collection with silk mark certification a...

Midnight Blue Color Chanderi Banarasi Saree with Meenakari Buti

From $229.00 USD
SKU: 10231638
You need to wear a weave which is not just classy but makes you look divine on any occasion. One such editor's pick in our inventory is this midnight blue...

Dark Golden Color Pure Kanjeevaram Silk Saree with Pure Gold Zari Work

From $365.00 USD
SKU: 10231084
Drape yourself in a dark golden color combination with a splurge of pure 1 gram of gold zari and silver work to add a twist in the weaving on the border, body, and...

Silk Saree Online for Every Occasion- Elegant and Stylish

The Saree: A Symbol Of Grace And Beauty

Sarees are the classiest and most elegant way to accentuate your beauty. This attire is loved in India and is considered a go-to option by women all over. It is a representation of grace and beauty. The saree is an evergreen yet colorful option for special occasions or regular wear since it is the ideal blend of comfort and sophistication. Since that modesty is prized in many cultures, the saree also represents women's strength and empowerment. There are a variety of saree like Ghazi Saree , Banarasi Saree and much more. But here is something more about every woman's choice: Pure Silk Saree!

The Beauty of Soft Silk Saree

The emergence of beautiful and unmatchable soft and pure silk saree is highlighted in West Bengal, especially in the Bishnupur area. They are made from pure silk, so they are lightweight and comfortable to wear, making them an ideal choice for any occasion. Soft silk sarees have a luxurious feel that will make you stand out in a crowd. The fabric of these sarees is delicate as well as durable. Silk sarees represent the culture and heritage of India and are often passed down through generations as family heirlooms.

The stunning saree made of pure silk has intricate designs that add a glamorous touch to the saree. These designs are adorned with resham and zari threads.  The saree's pallu is also embellished with delicate mythological scenes, making it a ravishing choice for brides and fashionistas. They hold a special significance in Indian culture.  You can buy a variety of silk mark certified sarees online at the IndyVogue Store! Explore the latest pure silk sarees online below:

1. Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees

The Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees from the Indian sarees collection are the most popular and luxurious sarees from South India. These sarees are made from pure mulberry silk and are highly ornate with heavy zari work and intricate designs that beautify your style.

2. Chanderi Silk Sarees

These Chanderi silk sarees are known for their lightweight fabric and traditional designs. They are made from a blend of silk, cotton, and zari. It comes in a variety of options so that you can pick the best as per your style.

3. Tussar Silk Sarees

These soft silk sarees are made from tussar silk, a wild silk produced by the larvae of certain species of silkworms. These sarees are known for their distinctive golden and brown hues, as well as their soft texture.


4. Banarasi Silk Sarees

These Banarasi silk sarees are well-liked for their conventional patterns and outstanding beautiful zari work! Typically, they are created from pure silk or a combination of silk and zari. They are also getting more and more well-liked for daily use. Get these silk mark certified sarees online at IndyVogue Store.

5. Organza Silk Sarees

Organza silk sarees are lightweight, sheer, and delicate sarees manufactured from pure silk or blended silk. They are frequently utilized for special occasions like weddings and festivals and are recognized for their translucent, sparkly sheen.

6. Bishnupur Silk Sarees

People prefer the Bishnupur Silk Sarees due to their vivid hues, elaborate patterns, and superior workmanship. These sarees are ideal for special occasions and festive gatherings because of their beautiful appearance and feel. The price of these sarees varies depending on the silk's quality and the zari work's intricacy.

7. Gadwal Silk Sarees

One of the oldest and most well-known types of saree from South India is the gadwal silk saree . These sarees are hand-woven and available in different colors. The unique feature of Gadwal sarees is that they are reversible, as they can be draped from an alternate side for a new look.

Feel the Luxury of Silk with IndyVogue!

You can find the ideal pure silk saree online at the IndyVogue store that will make you look great; whether you want a classic or modern appearance, it is a perfect fit! We have you covered with authentic Silk Mark Certified Sarees, as they are made from the finest quality pure mulberry silk. The latest pure silk sarees are designed with intricate craftsmanship and detailing, making them a luxurious and elegant choice for any special occasion. So, when are you adding this beauty to your wardrobe?


Q.1 How do I know if the silk saree I am buying is certified?

All certified silk sarees will have a label or tag attached that states it is certified silk. The label or tag should include information about the certification and the company or organization that certified it. Additionally, you can look for the official certification logo from the certifying organization.

Q.2 Which blouses are best with Silk Sarees?

For a classic look, you can pair a silk saree with a plain blouse in a contrasting color. You can also pair a silk saree with a boat neck, halter neck, off-shoulder, cape-style, bell sleeves, high-low blouse .

Q.3 Which types of silk sarees are available at IndyVogue?

IndyVogue offers you a variety of Silk Sarees online such as Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees , Banarasi Silk Sarees , Gadwal Silk Sarees , Organza Silk Sarees , Chanderi Silk Sarees and various others.

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