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Return Policy

Returns Policy for ready ship items

IndyVogue prides itself in making sure that the product shipped to its patrons are of the highest quality & standard. We would do everything to make sure we help you in choosing the right product. In the rare occasion, if you need to return an item, please send us an email to sumanab@indyvogue.com within 48 hours of the shipment being delivered with picture of any issue that you see in the item for return authorization.The patron will need to ship the item in its original packaging and will have to pay for the return shipping charge to our Fulfillment Center in Austin, TX OR Kolkata, India, whichever is convenient to the patron. But we are sure that situation will never arise.

The items need to be returned within 7 days of the shipment being received else return requests will be cancelled.

Examples of what are considered as not a defect

Saris and drapes woven on handlooms using natural fibers like cotton and silk are expected to have some imperfections and return requests for such matters will not be entertained.


The small black mark that is visible in this saree is really not a black mark. It is similar to the mile markers that you see on the highways. Since sarees are woven in handlooms, in order to understand whether the full length of the saree is woven, the weavers put a marker like this at an interval of 1 meter. Sometimes these marks are hardly noticeable but sometimes they are a little more prominent as shown in the picture. These marks are generally near the edges of the saree which in no way is going to hamper the beauty of the piece.   
Handloom sarees are woven by pinning the saris to the loom. They often have pin marks or holes on top or bottom of saree or near borders, known as selvedge. Also, during polishing of the sarees, they are pinned in wooden posts. This is not considered a defect but it is your way to know that the saree is an authentic handloom one.
These sarees are woven in handloom, thread by thread. Thousands of threads are woven by our artisans with deft hand so that you get the very best. This is an example of just one thread not in proper place. This is not considered a defect but rather shows this is woven by hand and not my machines.
A handloom, by its very nature of being handwoven, is bound to have a rugged uneven surface giving it an ethnic appeal.  Knots, thread pulls are a commonality in handwoven sarees. Even if woven with the same yarns, a power-loom saree will be even in texture and flawless, lacking the allure of handlooms. This is an example of a knot in the saree to tie two silk threads after it might have snapped. This is not considered a defect.
If you see very closely in this picture, you see what we call "NaalPhore" in the handloom weaving term. When you aren weaving in a handloom, sometimes the silk thread may get torn from the reel. In that case, a "knot" to tie the silk thread back to the loom has to be done to continue the weaving. What you see in this picture is simply that knot and not a defect. 

Exceptions for slight mis-matches of colors on posted images and actual product will not be made. Items being returned must be shipped at customer’s expense.

Returns Policy for custom items

In case where the patron has decided to make alteration to the original piece like size alteration / stitching a blouse, we will not be able to take a return of the item. But we will make sure that we do everything to help the patron. Yes, we stand by our promise. Please email us at sumanab@indyvogue.com and we will be more than happy to help you.

Returns Policy for SALE items

The items that are on "SALE"(in the "SALE" category) cannot be RETURNED or EXCHANGED. The sale of these items are Final and no exception to that process will be made