Pure Tussar Silk Sarees

IndyVogue presents a lavish array of Tussar Silk Sarees, from the traditional Tussar Banarasi Saree to modern Tussar Kalamkari Sarees and Tussar Georgette Sarees. Crafted with pure and raw Tussar Silk, each piece is adorned with intricate patterns and exquisite designs. Discover a myriad of options and explore the richness of Tussar Silk with our collection of silk sarees. Let us help you find the perfect piece to reveal your unique style. Shop IndyVogue's Tussar Sarees online now!

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Rust Color Pure Gachi Tussar Silk Saree with Hand Block and Hand Kantha Stitch Embroidery

$339.00 USD
SKU: 10230803
Shop a pure handloom collection of Kantha stitch embroidery work with the body having hand block print in multiple colors with the amazing hand Kantha stitch as well on the inner border...

Dark Cameo Pink Color Tussar Georgette Banarasi Saree with Meenakari Work.

$410.00 USD
SKU: BWP-10240382
Shop the best wedding look ever with this pure tussar georgette banarasi saree collection. It has traditional golden zari weaving on the pallu and the border in kadhua style with meenakari zari buti work on the...

Jet Black Color Tussar Georgette Banarasi Saree with Zari and Meenakari Work

$410.00 USD
SKU: BWP-10240380
An elegant collection with fine traditional golden zari weaving on the pallu and the border in kadhua style with meenakari zari buti work on the body in a mandala pattern with silver zari butta alongside...

Tomato Red Color Tussar Silk Saree with Digital Print and Hand Cutwork Pallu with Mirror Work

From $275.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240276
Just refresh your stylish saree wardrobe with our collection like this amazing tomato red and multi-colored splashing on the tussar silk with digital print work on the whole saree and comes with hand cut...

Sandal Color Tussar Silk Saree with Hand Block and Hand Kantha Stitch Work and Ganga Jamuna Border

$365.00 USD
SKU: NKA-10240149
The latest collection with delicate & traditional hand Kantha embroidery on the body that comes with hand batik work amazing style tussar making this saree one of the magnetic works in sandal color. With an added elegance is...

Multicolor Brown and Rust Color Pure Gachi Tussar with Kantha Embroidery

$385.00 USD
SKU: NKA-10240145
Look at the classy beauty as ever with our fresh collection of pure Gachi tussar silk sarees with elegant work on Kantha stitch embroidery to decorate it right up. Try...

Black and Red Color Pure Tussar Banarasi with Meenakari Work and Meena Butta

From $289.00 USD
SKU: GFC-10240050
This latest collection is in a black and red color combination, a pure tussar silk banarasi saree with golden zari and meenakari work, and in an alluring meenar butta work on the body and...

Natural Golden Color Tussar Katan Saree with Hand Painted Madhubani Work

From $185.00 USD
SKU: 10231249
Try out a saree that looks like the adorable painting canvas. Our designer has done the magical fusion of the Madhubani hand painting. The sakhi and charini with their feminine aspects wavering among...

Multicolor Tussar Silk Saree with Zari Border and Hand Gujarati Mirror Work

From $219.00 USD
SKU: 10230876
A lovely work with a traditional zaripar/zari border and with Gujarati mirror work design spread throughout this multi-color body with crumpled zari work on the whole saree to make this tussar...

Black Color Gachi Tussar with Machine Embroidery and Kashmiri Stitch on Border

From $229.00 USD
SKU: 10230594
The new and latest style as your party drapes are woven in a unique manner with an amazing gachi tussar saree in vibrant black color with mavhine embroidery work on the body and the border comes with Kashmiri...

Dark Beige Color Pure Tussar Silk Saree with Zari Check and Temple Border

From $189.00 USD
SKU: 10230330
Fine detail, and handloom weave by hand, make this Chhattisgarhi tussar silk that has a zari check on the whole body with a temple border more classy. This saree has...

Dark Offwhite Pure Tussar Silk with Zari Checks and Temple Border

From $189.00 USD
SKU: 10230329
A lovely handloom weave of Chhattisgarhi tussar silk that has a zari check on the whole body with a temple border to make it more classy. This saree has a...

Onyx Black Color Tussar Saree with Kantha Stitch Embroidery with Ribbon Border

From $299.00 USD
SKU: RC-10240455
This is an amazing new product in our latest inventory that comes with Kantha stitch embroidery work done elegantly adorning the base in onyx black with the weaving gently spread all over to...

Light Punch Pink Color Pure Chattisgarhi Tussar Saree with Jala Work

From $189.00 USD
SKU: SC-10240502
Shop the elegance right away with our tussar silks which come with amazing zari work done by hand in floral style and intersecting patterns and an amazing thin border with...

Dirty Ivory Color Tussar Silk Saree with Sambalpuri Pallu and Ganga Jamuna Border

From $175.00 USD
SKU: RFB-10240570
Bring home a classy collection with a Sambalpuri border in red and blue that complements the dirty ivory color body, making this Tussar silk an elegant pick for your next...

Light Golden Color Tussar Jamdani Saree with Lace Work

From $215.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240684
Amazing handwoven collection of tussar jamdani, with all-over handloom and pure jamdani weaving work, makes this light golden color combination saree with multicolored weaving and lace work one of the...

Ivory Color Gachi Tussar Silk Saree with Hand Kantha Stitch Work

$365.00 USD
SKU: NKA-10240723
Look at the classy beauty as ever with our fresh collection of pure Gachi tussar silk sarees with elegant work on Kantha stitch embroidery that represents corner-to-corner stitch work mixed...

Sandal and Red Color Pure Tussar Silk Saree with Temple Border and Buti Work

From $169.00 USD
SKU: RFB-10240804
A lovely handloom weave of pure tussar silk that has a zari work with a temple border and buti work on the body to make it more classy. This saree...

Dirt Sandal and Red Color Pure Tussar Silk Saree with Temple Border and Buti Work

From $169.00 USD
SKU: RFB-10240805
Handcrafted beauty with elegance of soft handloom brings you a pure tussar silk that has a zari work with a temple border and buti work on the body to make...

Natural Hay and Magenta Pink Color Pure Raw Silk Saree with Temple Border and Buti Work

From $169.00 USD
SKU: RFB-10240806
Handloom beauty and elegance are soft as a feather is this pure tussar silk that has a zari work with a temple border and buti work on the body to...

Tussar Silk Sarees are a timeless classic coveted among Indian women. These sarees are undoubtedly best at stealing hearts with their natural sheen and uniquely textured fabric. This type of silk originates from the cocoon of the Antheraea Paphia silkworm and is obtained by allowing the worms to feed on specific tree leaves such as sal, Arjun, and Saja.

IndyVogue's Tussar Silk Collection boasts many exquisite sarees, including the Tussar Banarasi, Tussar Kalamkari, and Tussar Georgette. Each saree is handwoven by artisanal craftsmen and contains a story. The Tussar Banarasi Sarees feature traditional Banarasi motifs and designs, while the Kalamkari Sarees are hand-painted or block-printed with intricate patterns. The lightweight and comfortable Tussar Georgette Sarees , crafted from a blend of Tussar Silk and Georgette fabric, provide a more casual yet stylish look.

IndyVogue's Tussar Saree Collection offers a vast selection of gorgeous Tussar Silk Sarees, including lovely Tussar Banarasi Sarees, intricate Tussar Kalamkari Sarees, chic Tussar Georgette Sarees, and more. Our sarees are crafted with the highest quality of Tussar Silk, handwoven by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. Every saree in this exclusive collection is unique and carries its enchanting story, making it the perfect timeless addition to any wardrobe.


Discover Various Varieties of Tussar Silk Sarees to Suit Your Style!

Tussar Banarasi Sarees are an elegant blend of Banarasi and Tussar Silk. These sarees are adorned with intricate designs and motifs and are perfect for weddings, festivals, and other special occasions. The saree's Banarasi embroidery gives it a touch of glitz and elegance, making it popular with ladies.

Tussar Kalamkari Sarees, on the other hand, are made using the Kalamkari technique, which involves hand-painting or block-printing intricate designs on the saree fabric. There is a wide selection of sarees with different colors and designs to choose from! You can find simple and elegant options and more intricate and bold ones. For a stylish yet casual look, Kalamkari Tussar Silk Sarees are a perfect choice.

If you're looking for a more lightweight and comfortable Tussar Silk Saree, our Tussar Georgette Sarees are perfect. These sarees are a mixture of Tussar Silk and Georgette fabric, making them lightweight and simple to drape. They come in various hues and patterns, from simple and elegant to more intricate and bold.

For those who prefer the purest form of Tussar Silk, IndyVogue offers a stunning collection of Pure Tussar Silk Sarees. These sarees are made from 100% pure Tussar Silk and are handwoven with care by skilled artisans. They feature beautiful designs and intricate patterns, making them a timeless addition to any saree collection.

Gachi Tussar sarees, originating from Jharkhand in India, are renowned for their intricate designs, natural sheen, and unique texture. These handwoven sarees, crafted from the purest Tussar Silk, are a timeless classic and the perfect accompaniment to any woman's wardrobe. Gachi Tussar sarees are ideal for those seeking a traditional yet stylish look for weddings to festivals.

Why not explore and add your favorite Tussar Silk Saree to your cart? It's just a few clicks away!

Browse through our Tussar Silk collection and be enchanted by the stunning designs and patterns. Each saree comprehensively describes the make, fabric, technique, and work details to make an educated selection. Moreover, every Tussar Silk Saree is accompanied by a Silk Mark Certified card, which verifies that the saree is made from pure Tussar Silk. The absence of this card for mixed or artificial sarees is a testament to their authenticity.


Q.1 What makes Traditional Tussar Silk Sarees unique?

Traditional Tussar Silk Sarees are known for their unique texture, natural sheen, and lightweight feel. These sarees come in a variety of hues and patterns and are a favored option for women who seek classic yet fashionable clothing.

Q.2 What is a Raw Tussar Silk Saree?

A Raw Tussar Silk Saree is a saree that is made from unprocessed Tussar Silk fibers. These sarees are known for their natural texture and rough feel and are popular among women who prefer a more rustic and traditional look.

Q.3 Can I buy Tussar Silk Sarees online?

Yes, you can buy Tussar Silk Sarees online at IndyVogue. We have a wide range of Tussar Silk Sarees available in various colors, designs, and patterns. Our sarees are crafted using the finest quality Tussar Silk and traditional techniques by skilled artisans.

Q.4 Can Tussar Silk Sarees be paired with different types of blouses?

Tussar Silk Sarees can be paired with different fancy blouses, including traditional, modern, and fusion styles. Depending on the occasion and your preferences, you can choose from various blouse designs such as sleeveless, full-sleeved, backless, and more.

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