5 Classy Inspired Saree Looks from Heeramandi You’ll Love to Try

The new series by Sanjay Leela Bhansali has hit the market, and it is taking the series crazy fans to rave. They are just going gaga over the new Sanjay Leela Bhansali creation. It is streaming on Netflix, and I think if you want to know about the enchanting world of Tawaifs or Courtesans of the Mughal era, this series is streaming on Netflix, so go ahead and watch!

It will undoubtedly take you to a realm where courtesans preside amidst a backdrop of pre-independence India. The concept can be roughly described as Imagine that Game of Thrones meets the grace and beauty of Lahore, and you’ll get the idea.

It is an iconic series from the Indian director and rightfully captures the essence of a fading era. The courtesans here coexist, and with their impending obsoleteness, they find themselves swept up in the whirlpool of India’s freedom movement.

Leaving everything aside, what caught my eye was the costumes. They took center stage. Indian fabrics and textiles like brocade, phulkari, and jamewar work—everything just stole my heart. 

Do you know you can recreate these Heeramandi looks with some picks from my IndyVogue closet? IndyVogeui, one of the top 10 silk saree sites in the USA, has been patronizing several Bollywood movies and their style and tries to keep our collection easy-peasy and in sync with them to help our patrons find their favorite celeb look any time!

#1. Sonakshi’s traditional sequin delicates

She dazzled in this traditional variety, which was adorned with delicate embellishments, and earned a well-deserved spot on our list of favorites. If this modern take on the traditional saree does not scream of woman power, then what else does?

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#2. Pink and white embroidered saree of Sonakshi

In the context of the dialogue, “Sharafaat ke Liye Shareefzadiyaan hai na” and that amazing jacket blouse with button motif worn with the pink and white embroidered saree, majorly the profuse use of Phulkari and Gujrati stitch on the saree makes Sonakshi look more ravishing!

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#3. Manisha in Silver Sheen

She has worn a beautiful silver-sheen organza saree that sends out an aura of yesteryear, and this cannot be missed. You can try this combination, too, with our latest collection—like this one, an Organza banarasi saree. Are you ready to give it a try?

#4. A Clear Vision in White by Richa Chadha

Giving a powerful comeback after her betrayal, Richan Chandha looks subtle in the sheet white saree with beautiful and minimal use of red flowers, preferably roses. 

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#5. The aesthetic mujra look of Aditi Rao

Oh, she has been phenomenal throughout the series. She has been playing the mujra scenes, which have been experimental, and she has a bit of finesse in store as an actress. However, the zardozi weaving work on her lovely saree has also stolen my eyes and heart and kept me captive for a long time!

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Wrap Up!

What do you think of my ideas to make your Mother’s Day special with these sarees? You are undoubtedly walking with the top 10 silk sare sites in the USA, and we will never let you down when it comes to picking the perfect saree for you to make moments!

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