Guide to Find the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Red Saree

This is a new blog series that I was likely to start to share all the lipstick details with my lovely patrons, who are regular blog readers.

Whether you buy a silk mark certified saree, a handloom saree, or any type of Indian silk saree in red, this guide will help you get the perfect swatch!

To complement my patrons to have no trouble, I am creating a library with all the possible colors on the VIBGYOR. To begin with, I have chosen the RED as the first on my list. Let my blog be the swatch for your lipstick shades, and you will find the perfect shades for the primary and daily colors we wear!

#1. If you are not trying bold makeup, then

Highlight your eyes using maroon shadows mixed with subtle brown shades. For your lips, it is best to choose dark blush pink. Here is the perfect shade I found for you all.

#2. Who says you can't wear brown

Many women wonder whether they can wear a chocolate-brown lipstick with a red saree. It's time to break the misconception. With glam eye makeup that should be a bit glossy, go for brown lipstick.

#3. I have something for the glass skin makeup look as well

If you think nude makeup or glass skin makeup look won’t go with a red dress, then you need to reevaluate. You can easily pair a nude lip shade and black mascara with your red saree. For someone who wants to keep their makeup light, this is perfect to take inspiration from.

#4. Warmth of the orange-red is never a miss

A coral or orange-red lipstick can add a touch of warmth and playfulness to your look, especially if your saree has warm undertones.

#5. Nothing can go wrong with berry shades

If your red saree has cooler undertones, consider wearing a berry-colored lipstick. This can create a balanced and coordinated look.


A beginner’s video link to apply the lipstick in a perfect way without making your lips appear messy.

Wrap up!

Let us know your opinion after you have tried my idea to use this swatch guide for the summer saree, wedding saree style, or whenever you accessorize.

About the author

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