How short girls can look tall in a Saree?

How short girls can look tall in a Saree?

Trust me, I know it is painful because most of you who are short-sighted and love to wear saree, often find themselves tangled in it due to the six-yard collection we have in our wardrobes.

Timeless appeal of the saree can be maintained if it is draped perfectly. Whereas a saree worn in an untidy manner can ruin your day completely. To feel good often short people avoid wearing a saree as it could be messy for them unlike the tall girls.

But, dear ladies even if you are short, you can still sport a classy and elegant look any time. What you need to do is to remember a couple of points in mind.

Let this blog be a quick guide for the short girls and woman worldwide who loves to shop silk sarees online. Are you ready for the journey?

How to Choose the Right Saree Fabric

Saree fabric is one of the most important collection. Your choice is most important before you gaga about shopping anything online. Picking the correct texture and material of cloth for saree is critical.

So, which is the right material for you?- Always choose a lightweight material to make you look taller as heavy weight saree will make you look shorter.

You have various fabrics like Pure Silk Sarees, Georgette Sarees, Jamdani Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Kota Silk, Designer Net Sarees, Cotton Sarees etc. Nowadays, lightweight Kanjeevaram sarees are available. If you are on the plump side go for georgette sarees rather than chiffon sarees. 

Prints or Borders?

The first rule to wear a saree if you are short in height is to avoid bold big prints and heavy borders.

1. Small and medium prints will look great on you.

2. Sarees with thin borders will make you look tall.

3. To look sensuous choose a saree in a solid and with dark color shades. Plain sarees with a dark color border will make you look beautiful.

Stripes or No Stripes?

Say NO to horizontal stripes. Vertical stripes on a Saree add illusion of vertical height and give the wearer a tall look. Vertical stripe sarees are available in our shop in all colors. But take care that the stripes are not too broad.

Nivi style is one of the best ways to drape a saree for short height, as it will give you a classy and minimal look that will stylise your figure.

What Color to Choose

1. If you are a short girl and on the slimmer side, go for light colors. They will look flattering on you. But you can sport all colors as well, I wont be biased with colors.2. If you are on the normal weight side, you’ll be able to sport any color.3. If you are a curvy beauty, dark colors are your best bet. And hey that doesn’t mean you have to shy away from light colours. With right accessories, saree material and those awesome heels you’ll look good in them too.

Blouse Type?

Just like the saree, avoid picking blouse with horizontal stripes. Wear a heavy blouse with a light saree and if your saree is a bit heavy then opt for a plain blouse.Take care that the stripes on the blouse and the saree make a perfect combination. Usually for a striped blouse it is advised to wear plain saree but in some cases a striped blouse also looks good on a stripped saree. Check our tips on the best blouse designs to look hot in a saree.Short girls should take an extra effort to make sure their blouse is well fitted and not too long in length or too short.  It should end at 1.5 inches below your breasts. The necks which will look good on you are: Boat necks, V necks and Square necks will look great on you.  Avoid collar necks.

How to Wrap a Pallu

If you are wearing a saree to go to the office then pinup your pallu properly as it gives a smart look. Do not use a big pin as it may give you clumsy look. A small pin will look elegant on you. As for parties and other occasions, leave the pallu a bit loose. Or you cannot pin it at all, if you can manage the saree well despite of your short stature.

Is Half Saree Meant for Short Girls?

Is half sarees meant for the short girls? Don't go for it.

Half sarees with more than one color tend to break your torso and bottom. Choose monochrome sarees. If at all you badly want to sport one, choose a half saree with dark colors on the top and bottom or at least having dark colors at the bottom half of the saree.

Which Petticoat Goes Well

In the above video the Fashion Blogger have tried to capture the latest trend to choose the right petticoat. Thanks toSewing is Funfor this awesome video. It is advisable not to wear a flared petticoat, but always wear a slim fit petticoat. It should be at ankle length so that your legs are not visible at all. Do not try leggings or jeans - as they would make it difficult for you to wear the saree.

Choosing the Right Footwear

For short women heels are the best option. It adds height. But do not wear sky high heels as it will draw the attention to your heels and not your look or the saree you are wearing.Saree is awesome because people will never know you are wearing 4 inches heels to make you look taller. Wear wedges or heels. It’s your choice.I will recommend - Wear wedges than heels. It doesn’t put so much pressure on your feet as heels. And anyways when you saree, your footwear isn’t going to be visible most of the times. 

Accessories That Looks Best On You

There are no rules for choosing the right accessories. But always wear accessories which compliment your look and never overdo the accessories.But it is very important for your accessories to complement your saree. So go light on the jewels. Less is more for a short girl. If you’re going to use gold jewelry like a haram set, make sure it’s not too big and it doesn’t go below your breasts. Or just go for single signature pieces.

What Hairstyle Will Be the Best?

Don’t part your hair when wearing saree. It will give you a flat appearance and make you look shorter. Short girls should always go for puffs with braids or buns or a high bun that will add to your height.

You can increase the height by adding volume to the crown of your head with a low bun is a great look to go with your saree.

Bonus Tips from IndyVogue Experts

Some bonus tips right from the core of my heart. I think you will definitely take a note of them.

1. Black is your best friend. Seriously, black sarees add a class of their own and definitely makes you look thinner.

2. Choose right size pins for safety. Small pins won’t be able to handle all thr pulling and tugging. Big pins look ugly.

3. Don’t wear too much of bangles. It’ll make your hands look short and add to your shortness.

4. The thin border adds for a taller appearance.

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