Mrs. Chatterjee VS Norway - A Story with a Jamdani Twist

Mrs. Chatterjee VS Norway is a must watch movie for anyone living outside India. A movie that vividly depicts the pain and agony of a mother who has been forced to part away with her children. 

Being a mother of two daughters, and staying abroad for years now; the teaser of 'Mrs Chatterjee v/s Norway' had me in tears! It was years ago when I read about this in newspaper - and it had struck a cord - a cinematic portrayal was much needed!

Based on true events, the movie tells the story of an Indian mother, who fights with the government of Norway for the custody of her children. Rani packs a punch as a grieving mother who fights with a nation to get back the custody of her children. Her character is inspired by Sagarika Bhattacharya, the real-life mother who struggled.

Fans and industry celebs can't stop gushing over Rani's performance in the film after watching it and many of her friends took to social media and showered praises for her.

Director Ashima Chibber claims that she could have found no actor better than Rani for this role. She stated that because Rani is a mother herself, she could relate well to the plot and emotions. Over the course of the movie, the actor was able to portray Sagarika's three-year odyssey, during which she lived without her children for 610 days, from the time she arrived in Norway until she was forced to leave without her children.

Just not the movie what is worth applauding is the lovely portrayal of the dresses and drapes. it is so true to the core and roots of an authentic Bengali woman. Most of the times we can see Rani wearing dhakai jamdanis of amazing varities and that one "bong" look of her has won many hearts by now.

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So, apart from the excellent story and superb acting by Rani Mukherjee, one thing that clearly stood out for me was Rani Mukhrerjee's wardrobe. She looked beautiful, gorgeous & poised with the exquisite collection of Jamdani Sarees that she adored in almost every scene.

Very similar to what Rani Mukherjee wore in this cult movie, we have curated awesome Dhakai Jamdani to Resham Jamdanis, variety of Muslins with traditional weaving which will give you that one fan girl moment. 

#1. The iconic Yellow Jamdani

Rani Mukherjee wore a beautiful yellow Jamdani in the iconic scene where here kids are taken away from her by the Norwegian authorities, and the solid yellow jamdanis have been a Bengali tradition for ages. Especially on the ocassion like Saraswati Puja or Poila Boisakh.

#2. The Trial Scene White Jamdanis

Here we can see Rani Mukherjee in 3 different kinds of White Jamdanis. And each of these jamdanis depict a tale by themselves. IndyVogue has been at the forefront of offering our patrons the best Jamdani sarees online. Take a look at some of the exquisite hand-woven white jamdanis.

#3. The Not Complacent Green Jamdani

Here are a few scenes where Mrs Chatterjee aka Rani Mukherjee is seen wearing Green Jamdanis. And IndyVogue is proud to present you with jamdanis of the same flavor.

#4. The Subho-Subho Red & White Jamdani

And finally, the all time favorite, the Red & White combination that is a hallmark of any Bengali occasion. This Saree that Rani Mukherjee is wearing is not a Jamdani but Pure Silk Banarasi Saree. And her look in this outfit is so adorable. Here is one from the IndyVogue collection.

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Mrs. Chatterjee VS Norway is an iconic movie that is all set to take Bollywood by storm. The depiction of the character of a mother losing her child by Rani Mukherjee is unparalleled. With this movie, we are sure that the age old tradition of Jamdani Sarees will come back and it will spread across India like a wild-fire. IndyVogue is the best place to buy jamdani sarees online. 

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