Saree Trivia: Should We Store Silk Sarees in Closed Boxes?

This is a very common question which my dear patrons, buyers and saree fashionistas keep on asking me. 

Hi, I am Sumana the owner at IndyVogue and I have been posting a lot of engaging blogs to tell you different kind of saree tales to my readers. But from this day, I think I will share one weekly trivia to all my followers. Yes, I will answer to the most common questions which comes in the mind of our saree buyers.

My patrons are from different background - they are newbies who started wearing sarees to saree influencers, from office goers to simple housewife. And some of the common questions crops up in anyone's mind.

Like today, I am going to answer whether or not you should store your silk sarees in a closed box? Even if you store it is closed box or organizer to save space, how will you preserve it for a longer time? So, let's cut the introduction short and get on to the main point. 

Am I doing right by storing silk sarees in box?

Sarees have a truly special place in the traditions of India. It is an ancient garment that has evolved through time and is perhaps the only thriving unstitched ancient garment from the past. Silk sarees are one of the most exquisite types among sarees. Silk yarn is weaved together from a protein fibre, the raw material of the silk worm cocoon.

It is good to hang your silk sarees on good quality wooden or plastic hangers. Don't choose metal or alloy as rust on the hangers can leave stains behind. But most of us may not have that luxury of space but for those of you who do not have the space, you can choose to store your sarees in a box. 

But, are my patrons doing something wrong by storing this precious weave in closed boxes? Well, I would say you are not wrong completely. Storing in closed boxes is not bad, but makes sure you are following the below points.

#1. Wrap each saree separately

Yes, it sounds pretty tiresome. But when you are spending grands on a silk mark certified collection, then storing each of your silk sarees wrapped in a separate cotton or muslin cloth makes sense.

You can also opt for using soft towels. There are saree bags available in the market make sure you get a cotton bag and avoid using the polyester bags which are usually great for storing sarees of other fibres. The reason for covering your saree with a cotton or muslin cloth is so that the saree can breathe, the zari doesn’t darken from oxidation by reacting with air, to keep your saree from getting snagged by other fabrics in your wardrobe and to protect it from moths.

#2. Refolding from time to time

Make it a point to refold your silk sarees every three months. This process will prevent it from tearing in the fold lines.

#3. Air out your silk sarees from time to time

Air out your sarees after use. It is not just for your silk sarees, it can be of any material.  There are safe ways of washing it in cold water and mild detergents or shampoos. Go ahead and wash them once in a while if you feel confident.

If you do wash them avoid wringing them, you could instead roll it into a big fluffy towel to absorb all the water you can. Hang in a shaded area to avoid fading. Silks dry very fast. The other safe option would be dry cleaning.

#4. Fold inside the folds

If your saree has elaborate embroidery or zardozi work, or sequin work or mirror work, you can get a netted lining attaches to preserve the thread work and keeping it from getting tangled. Also be sure to fold this inside the folds of the saree in order to preserve its sheen.

#5. The perfect storing method

1. Use naphthalene balls to keep the moths and silverfish away, don’t keep them in direct contact with your saree as they tend to discolour any zari work.

2. An even better option is to use dry neem leaves as they have anti-pest and anti-fungal properties. Use neem leaves if you can.

3. Storing the silk sarees in a cool dark place will keep your saree from fading or discolouring.


Hope that will answer all the queries and question marks you have in your mind when it comes to storing silk mark sarees. No matter, what is the type of silk, preserving it in the above manners will help you to preserve it longer even if you are storing it is a closed box. 

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