Valentine's Day Saree Hacks to Try On This Season! 

Well, you are going to choose RED and BLACK as the saree colors for Valentine's Day. But how are you gonna style it - there are so many things to consider. The weather has not subsided many countries are still experiencing chilly winter, some are experiencing spring, and maybe somewhere it is summer. No matter where an Indian is and if love is in the air for them - they are going to choose a saree for their D-Day and be cozy in the arms of their beau.

Well, I have some great saree hacks to make you feel cozy and yet sexy on Valentine’s Day. try them out and leave us a review on our Instagram or Facebook channel of ours.

#1. Try to Pair a Saree with a Shawl!

There are so many “Newly-wedded” in our patron’s list and if they are a bit conservationist, then saree pallu is something they love. And if the weather is still chilly you will try to have a shawl with your saree - but how to manage a saree pallu on your head with a shawl?

Well, try these tips -

  1. Simply pleat the pallu and the pin on your right shoulder
  2. Use the extra fabric to keep the pallu on your head
  3. Pleat a shawl pin on the left shoulder for a double drape
  4. Pin the other side of the shawl under the pleats of the right shoulder

See the hack with Jagisha Upadhyay, a great Saree Influencer from Gurgaon who had tried this saree hack with a Dolabedi Silk of ours.

Instagram Saree Hack: Jagisha Upadhyay

#2. Short Women Can Look Tall in this Hack!

If you are short in height and on your D-Day, you want to look tall, then not just those stilettos, the saree you choose is also going to contribute a lot. This is the best spring daytime look as well!

Try out these steps:

  1. Choose a halter-neck blouse to pair with your saree.
  2. Choose a saree with vertical stripes as it makes you look taller.
  3. Keep the pallu open that will help you hide your skin a bit more and save you from the spring winds!

#3. Which style of sweater to pair?

The sweater that you can try wearing with the sarees on your Valentine’s Day eve includes the following style and the style to drape is exhibited in the video I have shared here. The style includes: 

  • Puff sleeved sweater
  • Peplum-style sweater
  • Waist-length jacket

Watch this video to get the idea to style the saree:

#4. Enhance saree elegance with the right kind of boots!

Just not the sweater or shawl, you also need to choose the right kind of footwear to feel cozy in the moment. So this Valentine’s try out the amazing boots with your saree. The style to pick from the boots will be:

  1. Ankle boots add a modern edge to sarees, especially with silk or brocade fabrics.
  2. Knee-high boots create a dramatic silhouette, ideal for formal occasions.

#5. Take into account the saree fabric!

Make sure that you have chosen the right saree fabric that is appropriate and flattering to your body type. If you choose the wrong fabric, it could give the impression that you are either broader or shorter than you are. 

As a saree hack you can shop fabric such as cotton silk and tussar silk might look like you’re carrying a few extra kilos.

Let me know how you like my ideas to style you on your Valentine’s Day and yet keep you cozy and sexy. Get back to me if you have any hack ideas like these. 

About the author

Sumana Bhattacharya completed her Masters in Economics from the University of Calcutta & was working with the Department of Education, Govt. of West Bengal to provide training to the teachers in Government Schools. She moved to USA in 2005 after getting married & is the mother of 2 kids. She is the one that drives IndyVogue every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Salute to her and her undying spirit.