East Indian Sarees

Refresh your wardrobe for festivals, parties, and weddings with IndyVogue’s latest fashion from East India such as Baluchari, Swarnachari, Jamdani, Kantha, Bishnupuri, Ikat, Bhagalpuri, Muga, and Tussar - stop here to buy sarees online. All these sarees have intricate handloom weaving to zari work, hand painting, batik work amazing & indigenous embroidery, and block print technology to make sarees more regal. 
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Deep Brown Color Crushed Tissue Silk Saree with Embroidery and Knot Stitch

From $189.00 USD
SKU: SVS-10240541
A new variety in IndyVogue's inventory comes in a lovely fresh shade of brown in a fabric of tissue which is a designer range with machine-done knot-stitch embroidery with colorful...

Offwhite Color Bangladeshi Jamdani Saree with Multi-Colored Buti Work

From $229.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240515
The off-white color jamdani saree with multicolored color buti work on the whole body and geomeotric style weaving on the border in multiple color resham to make this saree one...

White Color Bangalore Silk Saree with Alpana Style Hand Paint Work and Hand Kantha Embroidery

From $175.00 USD
SKU: SC-10240501
Take your draping style to the next level with our pure Bangalore silk saree collection in pure white color. This recent pick has elegant alpana (mandala) style print work which...

Light Punch Pink Color Pure Chattisgarhi Tussar Saree with Jala Work

From $189.00 USD
SKU: SC-10240502
Shop the elegance right away with our tussar silks which come with amazing zari work done by hand in floral style and intersecting patterns and an amazing thin border with...

Pure Offwhite Color Revival Baluchari Silk Saree with Copper Zari Work

From $315.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240503
Exclusive recreation of a beautiful revival Baluchari saree featuring the original Golani work of the traditional time. They come with fantastic copper zari work that is done with intrinsic details. This saree features...

Purple Color Pure Bishnupur Silk Saree with Jamdani Style Hand Block

From $139.00 USD
SKU: SID-10240465
A purple and black hand block print design in a jamdani weaving style on the body along with the pallu and the border makes this bishnupur silk fascinating among all-age...

Purple and Black Color Pure Bangalore Silk Saree with Hand Kantha Embroidery

From $239.00 USD
SKU: SC-10240458
Take your draping style to the next level with our pure Bangalore silk saree collection in purple and black color on the black color part there is multicolored Kantha stitch...

Green and Black Color Pure Bangalore Silk Saree with Hand Kantha Embroidery

From $239.00 USD
SKU: SC-10240459
Just time to uplift your wardrobe with handwoven beauties. Buy this pure Bangalore silk saree collection in a green and black color combination. with Hand Kantha Embroidery in half n...

Green Color Muslin Jamdani Saree with Allover Weaving

From $169.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240464
A new refreshing appearance is a must with a muslin jamdani saree with all-over woven work in a floral pattern on the body and allover jamdani weaving on the pallu and the zari border to...

Onyx Black Color Tussar Saree with Kantha Stitch Embroidery with Ribbon Border

From $299.00 USD
SKU: RC-10240455
This is an amazing new product in our latest inventory that comes with Kantha stitch embroidery work done elegantly adorning the base in onyx black with the weaving gently spread all over to...

Sunflower Yellow Color Baluchari Silk Saree with Meenakari Work

From $279.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240386
Look the very best in the authentic collection of pure Baluchari silk saree with the traditional work of meenakari and resham work spread across this sunflower yellow color drape. Comes with refined kadhwa...

White and Red Color Jamdani Saree

$99.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240391
A handwoven collection of jamdani with all-over handloom and pure jamdani weaving work makes this saree one of the many assorted collections we have. This saree comes with a contrasting color jamdani...

Ivory White Color Jamdani Saree with Self Weaving

$99.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240393
Shop a new and composed look with our latest jamdani collection with a pallu that comes pure and all over jamdani weaving along with self-weaving work, this is a must-buy this festive...

Black Color Bangladeshi Dhaki Muslin Saree with Allover Weaving

From $349.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240372
Here is a magical surprise from the land of Bengal in a black color combination of pure Bangladeshi dhakai jamdani with the retouch of the traditional self jamdani weaving on the...

Multicolor Raw Silk Saree

From $159.00 USD
SKU: RKR10240357
Shop this exclusive and intrinsic collection of Raw Than silk sarees woven by our artisans with elaborate and detailed attributes to make this saree look elegant enough. Available in multiple shades like...

Deep Chocolate Color Pure Baluchari Silk Saree

From $279.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240333
Get yourself drunk in the splash of winter colors at IndyVogue, we bring you amazing solid color baluchari silk in brighter shades like this deep chocolate with thousand buti work, making it...

Black Color Pure Swarnachari Silk Saree with Meenakari Work

From $279.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240335
Just brighten up your wardrobe this winter party and wedding season from IndyVogue. We bring you amazing solid color swarnachari silk with meenakari work on the body, pallu, and the border, making it look...

Royal Red Color Pure Swarnachari Silk Saree with Golden Zari Work

From $285.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240336
Just uplift your wedding season style with new shades like rose red in fabric like Swarnachari silk. We bring you amazing color swarnachari sarees with refined golden zari work on the pallu...

Tussar and Orange Dual Tone Color Pure Swarnachari Silk Saree

From $279.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240339
Change the style game with new shades like dual-tone tussar and orange color in fabric like Swarnachari silk. We bring you amazing work in swarnachari sarees such as refined golden zari work...

Deep Eggplant Color Pure Baluchari Silk Saree

From $279.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240342
Get immersed in the splash of festive colors at IndyVogue, we bring you amazing deep eggplant color Baluchari katan silk with hazar buti work in brighter shades with resham weaving all over to...

Deep Magenta Color Baluchari Silk Saree

From $279.00 USD
SKU: SSG-10240343
Take a deep dive into our new inventory at IndyVogue, where we bring you amazing and colorful Baluchari katan silk with hazar buti work in brighter shades like deep magenta...

Offwhite and Violet Color with Bangladeshi Jamdani Saree

From $279.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240285
Here we are at the beginning of 2024 with the fusion of traditional jamdani weave - an offwhite and violet color combination of pure Bangladeshi dhakai jamdani with the retouch of...

Light Tea Green Color Pure Muslin Jamdani Saree

$165.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240292
Get a new and elaborative appeal with a pure muslin jamdani saree with all-over woven work in a geometric buti pattern on the body and traditional geometrical form on the pallu and the border...

Tomato Red Color Tussar Silk Saree with Digital Print and Hand Cutwork Pallu with Mirror Work

From $275.00 USD
SKU: KJB-10240276
Just refresh your stylish saree wardrobe with our collection like this amazing tomato red and multi-colored splashing on the tussar silk with digital print work on the whole saree and comes with hand cut...

East Indian Sarees

The region comprises of the states of West Bengal, Bihar, Odisha & Jharkhand and each of these states have are known for their rich and diverse collection of Sarees. IndyVogue also has its roots in Kolkata, the City of Joy. The different kinds of Sarees that are found in this region are:

Baluchari Silk Sarees

The Baluchari Sarees are one of the most sought after Sarees from this region. They are hand-woven mainly in the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. This variety of Sarees are known for their intricate designs and motifs depicting scenes from Indian mythology and history. Of late, we are also seeing the revival of the 18th Century Golani Baluchari. You can get more details on the history of this on this blog that we published. Most importantly your patronage of this art form help the thousands of artisans that work in creating these exquisite pieces for us.  Buy Baluchari Silk Sarees Online at IndyVogue.

Kantha Stitch Sarees

This kind of Sarees has its roots in West Bengal & boasts of intricate hand-embroidery on different kinds of Silk Mark Certified Silk. A saree can take upto 6 months to make depending on the complexity of the design. But the real beauty of these masterpieces lies in its simplicity. Shantiniketan, the abode of Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore in Birbhum district of India is the heart of Kantha Stitch Sarees and its artisans.  Buy Kantha Stitch Sarees Online at IndyVogue.

Sambalpuri Silk Sarees

Originating from the State of Odisha, the name Sambalpuri comes from the name of the city Sambalpur located on the banks of the river Mahanadi. These sarees feature a variety of motifs, including flowers, animals, and geometric shapes. The colors used in these sarees are typically bright and bold, including shades of red, green, blue, and yellow. The Sambalpuri Sarees are made of a variety of fabrics including cotton, Silk Mark Certified Silk and Tussar Silk. The sarees and their artwork are a symbol of the Odia culture and are prized for their beauty and craftsmanship.  Buy Orissa Silk Sarees Online at IndyVogue.

Tussar Silk Saree

The Tussar Silk Sarees are very popular in the Eastern region of India particularly in the states of Odisha, Jharkhand, and Bihar. Known for their softness, lightness, and natural sheen what makes Tussar Silk stand apart is its slightly rough texture, which gives them a more rustic and organic feel. The Tussar Silk is used in a variety of Sarees like Sambalpuri Tussar Sarees, Bhagalpuri Tussar Sarees, Ghicha Tussar Sarees, Tussar Kota Sarees, Tussar Matka Sarees, Tussar Banarasi Sarees just to name a few.  Buy Pure Tussar Silk Sarees Online at IndyVogue.

Bomkai Silk Sarees 

The Bomkai sarees gets its name from the village of Bomkai in the Ganjam district of Odisha. These Sarees are made of either cotton or Silk threads and have a very distinct border and pallu. They also feature intricate embroidery, zari work and bead work. These Sarees are very popular on casual as well as formal occasions and are often worn in weddings, festivals and other important events. These Sarees are really a testament of the rich textile heritage of the Eastern Part of India. We currently do not carry any Bomkai Sarees but are working hard to bring this exclusive piece to you.

Jamdani Sarees

The Jamdani Sarees are hand-woven masterpieces that has its origin in the state of West Bengal. These sarees are mostly made of cotton but sometimes silk threads are mixed with cotton threads to give it a sheen. This kind of Jamdani are called "Resham Jamdani". There Sarees are made using traditional handloom weaving techniques and often takes days to make one single piece. Since it is mostly made of pure cotton, there are a unique choice of the Summer months.  Buy Jamdani Sarees Online at IndyVogue.

Bishnupur Silk Sarees

As the name suggests, these Sarees originate from the small city of Bishnupur in the Bankura district of West Bengal. Bishnupur is famous for its terracotta temples that was built during the 1600 - 1800 CE. These Sarees are lightweight and are mostly mostly embellished hand painting, batik painting, block print and so on. The Silk is dyed using the desired colors and then the work is done.  Buy Bishnupuri Silk Sarees Online at IndyVogue.

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