A Friendly Saga- Dream way to Reality

A Friendly Saga- Dream way to Reality

I’m indebted and extremely thankful to all my patrons all the time for their love and support for IndyVouge. But today it’s something different. It’s not just a professional photoshoot but it’s a great friends time. For the first time I’m posting my photo on my IndyVouge page and my most beautiful friends are accompanying me.

Today we have decided to flaunt in IndyVouge’s latest collection - Designer Jaipuri Printed Wrap Around Skirts. I’m so happy to see the demand of the Skirts that I couldn’t resist myself from getting one for me and sharing it. It’s really a privilege to have such friends and the incessant support towards IndyVouge from the very beginning.

Shop online at https://www.indyvogue.com/collections/designer-skirts for a variety of selections !!!!!


All of yours support and love have given me the strength to bring my dream into reality and I love to share this moment you all - the Friendly Saga.


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