A Journey through a Bengali Wedding – A Photo Blog

A Journey through a Bengali Wedding – A Photo Blog

Bengali wedding has its own flavor of traditions. If you got a chance to witness any Bengali wedding, then you know the real fun hidden in their customs. The wedding is a union of two families. And when it is wedding of one of your very own, Sukanya Bose, the "thesaurus" of IndyVogue, it becomes an event to remember, forever. And what makes us even more proud is that she chose an IndyVogue Exclusive Katan Banarasi to adorn this occasion. 

What will steal your eyes in a Bengali marriage is their sarees! It almost looks like a saree shop overcrowded with designs, patterns and variety of materials with different accessories and makeup.

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Let’s take a look at some of the pre-wedding rituals of Bengali wedding.

Gaye holud (গায়ে হলুদ, "yellow/turmeric on the body") OR "Haldi" is one of the first ceremonies observed in a Bengali wedding. Mostly performed in the start of the day, this ceremony involves women family members who put turmeric on each other.  Sukanya just looking gorgeous in her "Gaye Holud" mood.
Dressing up for the wedding is an integral part in any culture and it is no less in a Bengali wedding. Brides dress up for hours to get the right look that she has cherished all her life. There is no compromise on that aspect. A Banarasi is what is typically work by the bride on the wedding day. 
THE "MOMENT" she has been waiting for so long, the "Sidur Daan", where you take a vow that the couple will remain together, for ever. And the Red Vermilion on the forehead becomes the most precious "ornament" for the entire life. 
This is the picture of "Mala Bodol" OR Garland Exchange that is taking place. 
And here is Sukanya looking elated after the marriage. It is probably the most important day of her life till now. The HAPPY COUPLE after the marriage. Wishing them a very very Happy Married Life from team IndyVogue.

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Sumana is one of the fashion-buff who has cherished her fashion goal ever since a long time. Her passion took her to open an exclusive boutique called IndyVogue that introduces every woman to traditional Indian attires mainly sarees, skirts and salwar. She is no hardcore businesswomen, but a homemaker who keeps on giving fashion goals that will never fade.


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