Aging can be graceful too - Happy B’Day IndyVogue

Aging can be graceful too - Happy B’Day IndyVogue

When aging becomes more graceful, its time to celebrate B’day. Yes, is 1 year old today (24th Jan, 2018).

Though we have started our journey in 2015, we decided to go online just an year ago. And yes, it has been really an amazing experience. We are now able to reach to you in a better and more efficient way. We are not one of those so called "niche" boutiques that is scared to reveal it price to you. We are open, we are transparent & we are here to WIN YOUR 💖💖💖💖💖 . 

We started planning, development, designing, content, photoshoot and a lot more thing. As we were progressing, our to-do-list kept going longer and longer. But the most motivating thing during that hectic period was our patrons’ continuous support.

From the very beginning of our journey through Facebook, our most loved patrons stayed by our side. We tried to maintain our service even during that period, and we did it successfully with the good wishes and cooperation of the patrons.

It is our good luck that we have you all. Stay by us and make IndyVogue a stronger destination of Indian fashion and tradition.

A quick look at our journey through this short video....

When the Journey Started…

24th Jan, 2017 we launched our site. We had so many limitations, and we were not 100% done. But we believed on ourselves and started the journey. The response we received within the first few days were amazing. We have

  • achieved 3800+ likes in FB
  • 3900+ followers on FB
  • 220+ reviews in FB
  • 4.9 Star rating in FB
  • 23K+ Online Visitors
  • 25.47% Repeat Customer
  • 300% increase in online traffic after redesigning of the site in September, 2017.

Some Interesting Facts…

  • 16K+ visitor from USA
  • 15K+ visit from Mobile Phones
  • 12K+ visit from FB Source
  • 7K+ Front Page ( visit

*(data as on 23rd Jan, 2018)

Changes We Have Done…

Within this eventful one year, we have made several changes in our appearance, presentation, business focus, product range.

  • Appearance: During our visit to India, we did some street photoshoot to bring the pure Kolkata essence & Bengali traditional touch to our website. We gave a new look to our website. We are much happier to see our patrons appreciating our efforts.
  • Presentation: We did something really creative within this 1 year journey. We have modified our business logo.
  • Logo seems to be the strongest brand identity. Businesses often stick to their logo over the years, but we dared to change it.

    We have changed all through. Rather than changing, we have developed. So, we thought to bring the development to reflect in our logo.

    We are the same admirer of Indian culture & tradition, but we are more stylish now. From the very native, regional sarees to very new, exclusively fashionable dresses are now included in our collection.

    • Business Focus: We also have changed our business focus. It’s not that, we have changed our goal to serve or patrons most passionately. But, we are now global. We have extended our shipping facility within the 3 major continents. We are now shipping directly to the following destinations:
    • North America: USA & Canada
    • Europe: Austria, Belgium, UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Sweden & Switzerland.
    • Asia: India.
    • Australia .
    • Our patrons from these places are growing and we are overwhelmed with the response. We hope to serve you much better and we dream to spread the essence of Indian Sarees in every corner of the Globe.
  • Product Range: We have added hundreds of new products into our collection. Now, we have traditional Dhakai Sarees to Designer Sarees, Silk Mark Bishnupur Silk to Stylish Art Silk Sarees. We have added an endless range of linens & handlooms & cotton sarees. For the first time, we have created an extensive range of Pure & Mixed Banarasi Saree, to end quest of our patrons. We have tried to maintain the ultimate quality along with splendid array of choices. We thank our vendors for keeping us up to date with latest products. Here, we would like to have a special mention of the ‘Nakshikantha’ Sarees.
  • These Nakshikantha Sarees are absolutely one-of-its-kind. Extreme hard work and endless passion for the work make the Karigars able to craft such masterpieces. And, we are lucky enough to be able to bring those for our patrons.

    Along with Sarees, this year we have extended our Salwar Section a lot. Kurti, Salwar, Churidar, Suit, Lacha dresses and the Skirts & Wrap-arounds have gained immense popularity.

    We also have started adding contemporary jewellery in our collection and we hope to enlarge this section within next few months.

    We are Same…

    Even after so many modifications, we are the same. We cherish our patrons the same. We value our customers the same. We follow our goals with same dedication and we think the same as before that we are here today only because of you all.

    A Few Words in the End…

    It’s finally 1 year we are here as We are going to rule on your heart for years more. Stay by us as you were. Share us more with others and let the IndyVogue family grow larger and happier. We appreciate all your criticism for a flawless future and hope for your love for another and more such B’days!




    Author Bio

    Sumana is one of the fashion-buff who has cherished her fashion goal ever since a long time. Her passion took her to open an exclusive boutique called IndyVogue that introduces every woman to traditional Indian attires mainly sarees, skirts and salwar. She is no hardcore businesswomen, but a homemaker who keeps on giving fashion goals that will never fade.


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