Yes, darling ladies - I know there are so many sarees in your wardrobe which you want to wear but you think that it is so old - how to fashion it in an in vogue manner. You have always wanted something out of the box to try and look the best - but keeping to shop and stopping wearing those once bought silks when it is out of fashion is not a solution.

So, though me being a saree boutique owner, I will love to share with you the inner secrets to reusing your old silks as well. It is just not always to buy the sarees or promote my stuff - blogging something different is also my passion.

Let us see how to do it. I have described only 5 steps to easily do it and wrap those old silk mark certified silks which you have kept in the inner drawers of your wardrobe.

#Tip 1: Why don’t you drape it in a different way!!

Give your saree a different touch by draping it differently. There are endless ways in which it can be draped. Say you are a woman who loves traditional silhouettes, then you can definitely try draping the saree like a dhoti.

However, if you love experimenting with your looks, try out draping your saree like a dress. Old sarees like your treasured kanjeevarams or the banarasis, drape them like a dress. To finish off your look, you can accessorize your modern drape saree with a belt or a kamarbandh.

You can take inspiration from the bloggers on social media to give a complete transformation to your old silk saree.

#Tip 2: Design your old silks into a fusion wear

Revamp your mother’s saree, even your old sarees by getting it stitched into a modern outfit. A six-yard elegance can be turned into a fusion dress at any time. If you have stiff fabric sarees like kora silk, Kota silk, get them revamped into a gown. If your collection of old silk sarees which are soft, get it refurbished into fusion wear. 

#Tip 3: Try half and half and saree draping

I see this as the most affordable hack to make use of two old silk sarees at a time. All you need to do is to take halves of two contrasting old silk sarees and get them stitched together from your tailor. 

Tadaaah! You get a brand new saree. To make it look brand new, you can also get a border added. Moreover, you can revamp the remaining halves of both the sarees into cushion covers or table cloths (I bet you will love this DIY idea!!!)

#Tip 4: Refurbish it like a designer

So, you just love your old silk too much to cut it into two halves or simply make it into cushion covers - what else can you do? 

If you have a plain old silk saree, get it embroidered or hand-painted to add a new look to it! If you have a designer silk saree also, you get a new blouse stitched for it. You can also get a contrasting border added on your old saree or if your old silk saree is dyeable get it dyed in another color. 

#Tip 5: Turn them into dupattas

We get a lot of queries to revamp an old-fashioned saree that can no longer be worn. But if you follow the fashionista and Bollywood celebs these days, you will notice they use the old banarasis to heavy work old silks to dupattas and that too with classic looking silk Kurtis or salwars. Trust me it gives a sharp contrasting look and you will just love it!

So ladies, do you think you want to give a try to these 5 ideas in 2022 and be the next trendsetter on Instagram? Trust me if you post your old silk saree look using any of these ideas - then please tag us to it. Keep me posted people!

Author Bio

Sumana Bhattacharya completed her Masters in Economics from the University of Calcutta & was working with the Department of Education, Govt. of West Bengal to provide training to the teachers in Government Schools. She moved to USA in 2005 after getting married & is the mother of 2 kids. She is the one that drives IndyVogue every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Salute to her and her undying spirit.