How to Style a Paithani Saree this Ganesh Chaturthi Season?

We know that paithani silk saree are nothing but the true essence of the Maharashtrian bridal trousseau. But with the season of Ganesh Chaturthi, do you know the rich culture of wearing paithani to mark the celebration is also a key time to flaunt the Marathi Mulgi look?

Here are some of the styling tips to bring out the royalty in you and flaunt them right!

Paithani Saree: Queen of Silks

Known as the Queen of Silk these sarees are known for their regality. They come in six to nine yards of variations and are exceptional for their weaving techniques.

Thanks to the clever craftsmanship that the saree looks exactly the same from both sides. Unlike other silk sarees, this one does not lose its silky texture even after years of wear and tear. Created with naturally dyed threads, these sarees come in a range of beautiful colours, like red, yellow, sky blue and peach.

The paithanis feature amazing paisley motifs such as peacocks, lotus, parrots and vines. Other common motifs include traditional Indian musical instruments such as tabla, shehnai etc. If you have already got your bridal paithanis in your wardrobe then you can use this handy guide to style for the festive time, or you can take a tour of our pathani collections in the website.

Paithani Saree Video Shorts:

Draping Styles of Paithani Saree

The drape of saree can make the break of a saree look of a Paithani saree. Then most common saree drapoing style which you can try are:

  • Traditional Nauvari Style
  • Contemporary Marathi Draping
  • Marathi Dhti Style Draping

Of course, you can drape these sarees in the classic styles with open pallu and pleated pallus too. Read the following blog to drape more perfectly.

Saree Draping Part 1:

Saree Draping Part 2:

How to Hide Your Torso while Saree Draping:

Blouse to Wear

While draping your paithani saree, the selection of your blouse is also important. It is an important part to glam up your sare look this Ganesh Chaturthi. While the matching blouse fabric that comes with the saree will give you an ethnic look, you can also go for modern fabrics, such as net or georgette. 

Makeup to Try

Before you hit the pandals or hop skip one house where you are invited as guest to another or may be when you are celebrating in a grandeur way at your home, your make up needs to be special.  To enhance the features of your rich, luxurious silk saree, go for makeup looks that are understated.

Bold eyes and bright lips, simple base makeup with bright red lips, glittery eyes and rosy cheeks are some combinations that work for everyone. 


Hairstyling is a huge part of the Ganesh Chaturthi look. The overall saree styling and a great way to bind your whole look together, needs a hairstyle such as classy buns, intricate braids and open hairstyles with extra volume. Use some accessories to enhance the beauty of these sarees, so you may pick from a variety of real flowers, ornamental hair gems, etc.


Choose the right pair of shoes not just to keep your feet comfortable byt make your sare draping more alluring. With Paithani sarees the footwear which goes along are strappy sandals, glittery wedge heels and metallic stilettos or try decorative Mojaris.

Designer Jewelry

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Wrapping Up

If you are trying to make the Ganesh Chaturthi special, drape your Paithanis in the most stylish manner, and use these style tips to the fullest.

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