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How to Style Your Sarees to Hide Your Torso? - 5 Saree Draping Ideas

This is for all my saree lovers who want to hide their torso and yet look feminine in their next drape look.

Trust me starting from the autumn - fall and the winter season there is a huge increase in wearing saree. Traditional saree always look for the perfect balance to modestly cover you up at the same time showing off your feline moves.

Why do you like to hide a torso in a saree - what are those situations you want to do it?

 Most of the occasions where you wear a saree can be conservative or maybe you are wearing the saree in the peak season like winter or it is just one of those days when you simply want to hide your torso.

At the same time the saree should not show your tummy - while hiding the torso. So if you are thinking are all these possible and you can try this on your next drape styling then be sure that I got your back. So let’s dig in:

#1. The undoubted Gujarati style

When it comes to saree wearing styles in India - okay it is like the DC universe - so many styles per States we have. Each region has a unique one.

Let me cut to chase and share you the best style in India to hide your torso - it is none other than the Gujarati style drape.

Pin the pleats neatly in the front to display your sarees intricate pallu design. Here is a step-by-step guide to wear the sidha pallu or Gujarati style saree.

#2. The irresistible Kodava style look 

This is one of the lovely style to hide your torso and the most breaking style is the Kodava or Coorgi style. In this look he pleats come at the back and the pallu is neatly draped over the shoulder while the saree conceals the stomach.

#3. The snug look using Blazers

Gone are the days when we use to style our saree with standard blouses only - but now we try it with t-shirt, crop top and even jackets or waistcoats or blazers. They just not elevate your look but also do a nifty job of concealing your stomach.

This is a great choice especially during this winter season when festivals are at their peak. The blazers or waistcoats keeps you snug and comfortable and hide your torso! Mission accomplished!

Try the look learning it with stylista - Dolly Jain!

#4. Kurta + Saree look

Okay - are you wearing a kurta for the next festive session or try out the eminent ethnic look of a saree. But if you drape both? STUNNED? But it is possible.

You can pair your favorite saree with a simple kurta to create layers. I agree this is an experimental look taht has a different saree draping technique to best suit your taste. I think this will look regal and also hide your torso.

#5. Get your chance to try out Freestyle look

This is eminently the most known and accepted format to hide your torso. Try out a well-draped saree with a loosely draped pallu which offers the freedom of wrapping it around the waist according to your comfort.

But keep in mind that you should not try sheer fabrics which may show the stomach area and to pick thicker, opaque fabrics like silk or cotton. Try this look and to learn to drape a freestyle look check this video: 

Wrapping up

Tell me which style you will like to try this festive season - trust me if I was in your place am gonna try each and every look in the different occasions I need to attend. Keep writing to me to know more about such saree draping ideas. 

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