How to Style your Chanderi Banarasi?

No just not any other saree, today I made my inventory packed with the latest collection of Chanderi Banarasi. The latest collection that are just not amazing but the gentle and elegant artwork on them is sure to steal your breath away. 

Hey, that is not a sales pitch. I am just clear cut and really swooned by my recent collection so cannot just resist myself from expressing in such exaggerating terms. I am sure you will feel the same when you take a tour of our online chanderi banarasi saree collections.

But cut short, how to get party or festival ready in a chanderi banarasi saree any idea? Let me take you to an exciting journey of draping the chanderi banarasi saree in the right way. 

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Say No to Heavy Jewelries and Yes to Statements

Oh yes this is the one that made me really fall for it. Say goodbye to the odd and heavy jewelries and yes to the statement ones. Like a big jhumka of kundan or may be a long necklace with tassels and a large pendant or may be just having the maangtika as the head gear and no more accessories. 

Aaliya Bhat in Statement Earrings and elegant Banarasi Saree in Zee Cine Awards 2017

Priyanka Chopra in  an Event with Long Necklace Paired with a Banarasi

Are you ready to explore more ideas or will still sulk seeing this style statements for your Chanderi banarasi silk saree? 

Pair with Bangles and Gajras

Yes, the typical South Indian look can be a classy style to zig up your chanderi banarasi saree look. Wear many bangles together or may be one wristlet each in one hand and pair it up with fresh mogra gajra on your head. 

Aishwarya looks classier as ever in this Gajra and Wristlet paired amazingly with this Banarasi

Try the Anklets

Yes yet another idea of fashion from the South India. Trying out those anklets won't be a bad option any how. People's attention span are scattered these days and if you try to style your drape with something new like a foot accessory, they are sure to make you get admiration.

Bindi to Steal the Heart

No am talking about the heavy studded bindis, but the plain and simple contrast color bindis for your chanderi banarasi silk sarees that you bought online can be the one-stop shop. 

So that's all!

Hey beauties and divas if you have time you can also take a look at the fashion statements by Rekha as she is the epitome of carrying classic drapes in the most fashionable and outright manner even these days. And she can't go wrong anyway. I will come up with a while blog on her fashion stories very soon. It will be amazing to read 

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