How to Style Yourself in Kanjeevaram Silk Saree for a Party?

How to Style Yourself in Kanjeevaram Silk Saree for a Party?

So you are trying to wear a kanjeevaram silk saree in your next party or a large gathering. Well, the choice is good. A kanjeevaram is not just the shaadi-types-types, for any gorgeous occasion you can try out wearing a Kanjeevaram saree.

For this reason, I have been filling up my inventory with the latest Kanjeevaram silk saree with heavy zari work, light zari borders, with checks and with the ones that have solid colors in it. You will find a number of Kanjeevaram silk saree online and everyone adds up to your elegance, charm, and beauty. However, just trying out a saree is not the trend. What you need to know is the right style that serves the best with your kanjeevaram silks.

Here’s what you are going to wear at your next party if you are going to walk in a Kanjeevaram silk saree.

What blouse to wear with Your Kanjeevaram Silk Saree?

Short Sleeve Blouse: Well, short sleeve is one of the traditional pair for kanjeevaram silks, but if you are trying it out in a casual party - go for long sleeves. It is in fashion.

Go with a Jacket Blouse: A new trend in the fashion mart is trying out a jacket blouse with kanjeevaram silk sarees. This is how it will ensemble See the pic below.

Which Jewelry to Wear with Your Kanjeevaram Silk Saree?

You do not know is which jewelry online is good to choose when you wear a Kanjeevaram silk saree. No, do not go for something heavy or extravagant. A piece of statement jewelry is good to wear, but for a party try out long jhumkis. As a necklace do not go for heavy kundan chokers, try out sleek diamond necklaces or crystal necklaces like Swarovski.

What Bag to Carry with Your Kanjeevaram Silk Saree?

What will you carry as a bag in your hand if you are wearing a kanjeevaram saree to the next occasion? Well, it is best to have a clutch or a potli bag. It is just a perfect one to serve the best in your next party. Check out this look of Rekha that completely define a party look in a kanjeevaram silk saree.


If you are thinking to wear a kanjeevaram silk saree in your next party this your style guide. Try it now!



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