Ikat Silk Sarees from Orissa and Their Glorious Tales

Ikat Silk Sarees from Orissa and Their Glorious Tales
If you go back to the old history you will find that Ikat is not an indigenous product. You can call this product as Ikkat or Ikhat. The textile historians are still trying to figure out the actual place of birth of ikat designs. Since this style has been far spread and quite popular. Moreover, the word ikat has descended fro the Malay-Indonesian word called Mengikar which means to tie a bundle or thread.

When you think of ikat silk sarees those elaborate and intricate diamond shape patterns, curved scroll and paisley designs come to your mind. Do you know what seems like printed designs on fabric is actually a complex weaving pattern that uses specially dyed threads o develop such pattern on the fabric. Even though it hails as a tie-dye textile art, but ikat has its own flavor as well.

When Ikat design came to India?

In India, the source of ikat silk sarees dates back to the 7th century. It is turned into stunning pieces, sarees, ethnic, dress materials, ethnic and fusion wear. Like in the recent days, Ikat kurtas have fastened up just like the Ikat sarees. With more than 10 variations the Ikat techniques have scored as a marvelous art form.

How Orissa ikat silk sarees have appealed to the taste of mass in India?

Not just the common mass even the celebrities like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan have fallen for Ikat silk sarees a number of times. While Orissa Ikat silk saree of the lower price range double up every year as middle-class housewives consider it as a premium saree for weddings, festivals and public gatherings. The ikat silk sarees available online are little high in price due to the diligent artwork and the strenuous process. Compared to another type of warps ikat silk sarees made in Orissa, India is unique. It is available in the cities of Orissa like Sambalpur, Bargarh, Sonepur and Boudh areas of Orissa. In Orissa, it is also called as the Bandha.

The yarns used for this design and weave is fine. The designs often have animal motifs and curvilinear patterns. In this form, the tie-dyed yarns are first arranged in the loom in a design and then the solid-colored weft yarns are introduced. This form of ikat silk sarees is very old and is used in Indonesia as well as to create the ikat designs.


How to maintain ikat silk sarees?

To maintain these silk sarees, you need to gently wash them by hand or go for dry cleaning. It is better to iron the saree at a moderate temperature. For the cotton ikat saree, just a wash in the machine can be good.


What innovations make the ikat silk special?

Traditionally Orissa has those ikat sarees which have designs done by artisans by their hand. Looking at the rising demand and modernization of the ikat design process, today Orissa uses an automated machine to bring up the ikat patterns on sarees, and kurtas.


How big it has grown globally?

It is renowned among the international fashion designers in the world, such as Missioni and Jhane Barnes have taken inspiration from the Orissa Ikat designs. They have successfully implemented the same in their various kind of work. To take a ride of our exclusive patterns and ikat silk sarees in our inventory visit our store.


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