IndyVogue Extends a Helping Hand Amidst the Global Pandemic Threat

I have never witnessed such a mournful situation ever in life. Almost all the countries in the global map have been affected with Covid19 and all the international barriers have been sealed restricting the supplies and exchanges to take a halt for certain time.

We are earning, have some savings - we actually have no problem accessing amenities or daily essentials. We can shop online, things are right at your doorstep - but have you ever thought about those people who used to earn their daily wages - like a rickshaw puller or a garage worker, or your maid servants even the beggars on the street?

I guess we are a little selfish when things break down on our family and loved ones. This pandemic is not sparing anyone. So in this grave turnout thinking about a restricted circle is not going to help our country - it will be making India face difficulties to stand back on their feet.

Some days ago, I shared a video on Instagram TV and Facebook profile sharing concerns to my IndyVogue family that there will be no pay cuts and even they have no threat of losing their jobs.

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What we need to do is be a little compassionate?

Yes, compassionate is the right word. And this compassion propelled me and my IndyVogue family to be a part of two such organizations in Kolkata, India. These people are doing awesome jobs. They have extended helping hands to different zones in Kolkata which have malnourished and underpaid people finding it difficult to survive in this crisis. 

How are these organizations helping the one in need?

They are going from door to door to distribute essentials such as Rice, Dal, Onion, Oil, and Potatoes. They have a large team and they are picking these up from the wholesale traders and evenly distributing them to the families who do need it.

Currently we donated a sum of money to the two organizations. They are currently distributing the daily essentials mentioned above in regions like Kasba and neighboring localities and the other is the Park Circus area. I am really happy to be a part of it. Atleast, my presence will be counted among those innumerable people who will bless us and will smile with this small token of help.

In Closing

I would like everyone who is in an influential position or may be having the capacity to extend their helping hand to the needy ones. Please come out of your restrictions and donate to any such organization or take responsibility for at least one such family out there who really needs your support. Be a human amidst this pandemic threat today.

Stay home, stay safe. Let us fight this pandemic with more vigor by standing beside our brothers and sisters who really need the extended help. 

Author Bio:

Sumana Bhattacharya completed her Masters in Economics from the University of Calcutta & was working with the Department of Education, Govt. of West Bengal to provide training to the teachers in Government Schools. She moved to USA in 2005 after getting married & is the mother of 2 kids. She is the one that drives IndyVogue every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Salute to her and her undying spirit.

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