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Georgette Banarasi - The Heated Up Choice for Winter Weddings

So here I am back with all the facilities and ideas that you would like to listen from me - and guess what this time it is all about our recent collection of Georgette Basnarasi sarees.

One of the classiest choice banarasi sarees that has hit online is finally here. If you are a bride-to-be and D-Day is here, then choosing the perfect outfit is most important. And amidst all choice of banarasi saree, this winter wedding season go for georgette banarasi!

This age old handloom can never go wrong! Style comes and leave but the fashion of banarasi sarees in wedding never fails to impress. An Indian wedding essential that reflect grandeur and befitting royalty. If you are looking for the best wedding trousseau you cannot do without a Banarasi saree.

There are loads of banarasi sarees you can shop online, but this winter season along with the georgette banarasi to flaunt your share of cures. But while shopping for a georgette banarasi saree online or offline here are a few things you need to keep in mind! 

What’s your budget?

Georgette banarasi sarees comes in different price range. So decide your budget and start hunting for the perfect color and look for silk mark authentication for sure.

What kind of design you are looking for?

There are an ample of design that you can choose to have in your banarasi saree, such as:

Katoki Bel 


Handy Guide Book to Buy Banarasi Sarees Online 

Choose colors suiting the time of the ceremony

The time of the ceremony is one of the most deciding factors while you opt for georgette banarasi sarees. Traditionally a woman opt for the red color, but I suggest that for morning weddings choose light colors like peach, cream, powder blue, pastel shades, lime or mint green, light pink. And in the weddings is at night opt for shades like fire shades (red, yellow, orange) rust, emerald green, wine or deeper jewel tones like emerald green, pomegranate, wine.

Best up the sleeve!

Hope these tips come handy and yes I won't give you a selection of banarasi sarees based on your complexion - as I hate that! Colors are open to all and you can choose anything you like and you are sure to blign - as it is your D-Day.

$0.99 USD
This is a rich silk with Georgette Banarasi done throughout the body and the pallu that makes it more alluring. Buy this silk mark saree online only with us and
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$0.99 USD
This is an elegant basil green color pure Georgette Banarasi Saree with floral zari weaving over the body and geometric design pattern on the pallu to make it look chicer.
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$0.99 USD
A lovely zari work donning this georgette banarasi saree is making it a handpicked and elegant saree of the season. Available in dark orange color with mystical zari pallu in
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