Behind the Scenes of IndyVogue

Behind the Scenes of IndyVogue

Trust me you never thought this could happen – but this happened at IndyVogue. We have captured some of the best and beautiful moments with our SAREE SISTERS and though to share the same with all our customers, friends and distant SAREE SISTERS.

Here in the photos below you will find a number of glistening images and picture frames that tells many stories. Captured in a camera by IndyVogue photography teams, here are some extra ordinary glimpses –

There were so many stories to tell, we said some over a cup of coffee some while whispering, some over laughing down on chitchat.

Taking snaps and there won’t be selfie shots. We cannot give it a miss by any chance.


Having a hearty laugh, talking over any topics and sharing things putting our heart out – everything were a sheer art.

What more is to steal your heart is the choice of colors. We have wanted to look the best, we wanted to flaunt – after all, we are the SARRE SISTERS taking you through an exciting journey live from Austin, TX. 

Hope you have liked all these glimpses if you want some more pictures and frames, keep a note on our Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest Channel.


Author Bio

Sumana is one of the fashion-buff who has cherished her fashion goal ever since a long time. Her passion took her to open an exclusive boutique called IndyVogue that introduces every woman to traditional Indian attires mainly sarees, skirts and salwar. She is no hardcore businesswomen, but a homemaker who keeps on giving fashion goals that will never fade.


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