None Has Done This before US !!!!

None Has Done This before US !!!!

We know how difficult it becomes for us to choose a saree for that very SPECIAL OCCASION just by looking at a few pictures. That’s the inherent problem with online shopping of specialized items like us.

Every Saree is different. Every texture that it comes in varies from piece to piece. However, at IndyVogue, we want to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible with as many information that we can provide beforehand.

For example, when you look at the picture of a jewelry in our site, you will find a penny sitting there somewhere just to can compare the size of the different elements with that penny as a reference. 


However, when it came down to giving the best experience with the Saree, things were more complicated.

What could possibly be the best experience for buying a Saree online? And the answer was pretty evident !!!!  Viewing it !!

We went through hundreds of online portal and the so-called boutiques to check how they tried to solve the problem. And we did not find even a SINGLE PORTAL that provides a video of the actual saree that you buy !!!!

What might be the reason behind for not adopting the video strategy by other boutiques? - Laziness, too much of work, too difficult OR maybe just they are trying to hide something !!!!

We wanted to try it out (the video strategy). Indeed, it was not easy. Shooting the video of each of the sarees was a mammoth task. We decided to go slow, one at a time and with each passing day, we knew more about the Do's and Don'ts. Over the period of time, we got the confidence to bring out the videos to you. We know that it is not perfect. The colors in the video do vary a little with the actual color and we would always recommend checking the saree picture for the true color.

But we feel that this is at least a humble beginning of an effort that no other portals have dared to venture before. We have completed about 70% of the videos of the sarees currently in the site and hope to get to 100% by end of this quarter.

Nevertheless, what is most important is your feedback. Please comment / write to us and let us know what you feel about the same. At the end of the day, this is all about YOU and NO ONE ELSE !!!! So, please, please, please let us know.




Author Bio

Sumana is one of the fashion-buff who has cherished her fashion goal ever since a long time. Her passion took her to open an exclusive boutique called IndyVogue that introduces every woman to traditional Indian attires mainly sarees, skirts and salwar. She is no hardcore businesswomen, but a homemaker who keeps on giving fashion goals that will never fade.


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Vinaya Bhandarkar

How can I buy your products in India

July 1, 2018 at 20:21pm

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