Home Calling ........

Home Calling ........

It’s really nostalgic to visit home after a long time. It’s a feel of warmth; feel of love, the feel of nearness that we want to feel more. We are very happy to tell you all that it’s our time to visit home, visit those people we love most, we treasure most.

But, don’t feel low! We love you too our patrons! And we cherish you the same. And we are going to make our home visit exciting for you too. HOW? Let’s find out......

    • Get the latest update on what we are planning to bring next and provide your inputs. Yes, you will help us MAKE THE DECISION this time.
    • We are going to start shipping from India this summer and of-course, as always, SHIPPING IS FREE for over $50. This will help us deliver things to you faster.
    • And, last but not the least, we will offer you the service of STITCHING CUSTOMIZED BLOUSE from the best designers for every saree that you buy from us and get shipped from India ...and, you will have the option to choose the design that you want from a a wide variety of designs.

Not only that, there will be more Surprise Offers for you when you add a product to your cart or order it in FB. Thinking of the offers? We assure that are really surprising! Stay connected...we will bring a bright smile on your lips… Home Calling...It’s time to add more colors to our collection...it’s time to celebrate the cultural fashion!



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