It’s Time to Go Back !!! Your Support Was Overwhelming…

It’s Time to Go Back !!! Your Support Was Overwhelming…

It’s almost one and a half-month now we are at home...but it’s time now to go back to our’s also time to thank our patrons who loved us, our handpicked collection throughout these days.

We tried to find out the best of the bests for you during our span in India from the best artisans. We tried to make our collection richer than ever. We tried to make everything more convenient for you.

We tried but the support we got, that is more than our effort. Without your support, and love for IndyVogue, we are incomplete.

Our new handpicked range of Dhakai Jamdani Sarees received opulent response.

Our extended range of Handloom and exclusive Linen Sarees got huge acceptance.

Our range of Silk Mark Certified Pure Silks are high in demand now.

And the most successful attempt of ours is adding exclusive Banarasi sarees in our collection.

And not only the sarees, but our first attempt to offer you stitched designer blouse has also received huge response.

In between, we have tried to make our website more interactive for you. We have done outdoor photoshoot for the first time. We started shipping directly from India; and not only to the US, but we will now spread our wings in the UK, Australia and obviously in India.

We have planned several new things for the future. We are excited to bring smiles to lips whenever you think of or heard of IndyVogue. We strive to satisfy your passion for Indian ethnic wear in all ways. We promise to give you the feel of India, Indian taste & culture.

We are overwhelmed with the incessant support we got from our patrons. Your every appreciation for IndyVogue has made us proud, confident and motivated. We are going back to Austin with a huge collection of our best picks from India and we assure, your shopping this festival season is going to be a big blaster with IndyVogue.


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