IndyVogue's Pledge and Commitment

IndyVogue's Pledge and Commitment

We were honored finding a bright smile on their lips...those differently able people and their warm welcome made us feel more indebted. Yes, we are indebted to our society, we are indebted to all who has given us the privilege to live a #normal #life !

We spend a beautiful day at the #Community_Physiotherapy_Centre #Cheshire_Homes #Tollygunj #Kolkata on August 1, 2017 within the physically/ mentally challenged people and our heart got melted by the warmness of selfless love we received there.


Their heart melting approach made us feel more committed towards the society, towards the’s our pledge to payback the debt in a better way...the society that gave us a platform to place & prove ourselves, deserves a better attention back the society by offering smiles onto the lips of the underprivileged is our way to’s a beginning, and a long way to go...

It’s not just a charity that we have done, but it’s a lesson to life that we got- Life can be extremely difficult, but smiling over the difficulties makes it easier... #indyvogue_commitment #indyvogue_pledge #give_back_society


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