A saree is incomplete without a proper designed blouse.......

  • by Sumana Bhattacharya
A saree is incomplete without a proper designed blouse.......

Ever since we added the service for stitching blouse for our patrons, we have got very positive reviews about the quality of work ....but what is even more interesting is the kind of trend that we are seeing in terms of design that our patrons are choosing. We now have enough data to give you a quick guide and insight to that ....

The trending Front Neck Style is the Classic Round one. 30% of our patrons have chosen this style
The Back neck style is a close contest between Classic Heart, Back Slit and Classic U but one thing for sure, the "V" cut is not trending.
This is very interesting. Half Sleeve Elbow and Half Sleeve are on fire with almost 75% and hardly anyone wants sleeveless now a days !!!! Isn't that surprising? 

75% percent wants the closing side to be front while only 25% goes with the back to be the closing side. This is pretty understandable..😉 We don't want to rely on others for buttoning our blouse..🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Its almost 50-50 when asking for a tassel but it sometimes depends on the style you choose of the blouse as well. So, no clear winner in this category yet.


So, have you decided what you want your blouse to look like this festive season? If not we can help you and now you can get your designer blouse stitched with us for a very nominal price and we will ship it right to your home....


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