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Not 1 But 5 Designer Sarees Mid 20 Women Must Try In Their Next Party

Trust me sarees are loved by women of all age groups. But the mid 20 generation is not a crazy fan of the sarees. They want to pick something classy, sassy and above all something which looks like a saree but more like a dress. They try to mix and match various combinations. Style a saree with a shirt, vape, jackets, belts, and other accessories. Drape them in infinity style, dhoti style and even in lehenga style to break the monotonous and toxic way to wear this traditional drape.

But that has not made them stay away from wearing or trying out a designer combination. They love to wear sarees and if the elders ask them to try out a saree - they come with a stunning and quirky outfit.

So, what I did for these lovely ladies is just narrow down the choice of material so that it becomes easy when they redefine a saree for their next party. Hope these girls like my ideas.

Mid 20s Fashion Sense Are Different But the Drape is Same

For an Indian woman, a saree is not just a piece of cloth, but a remembrance of their culture. Therefore, women from the modern generation adore the sarees equally as their mothers. However, it often becomes confusing to pick the best saree citing the less knowledge about sarees among young women. To ease your confusion, I bring you 5 types of sarees  to try if you are in your mid 20s. If you are looking for sarees for Indian festivals, community gathering, traditional party nights or office party, we have sought out the best for you!

Fusion wear tried out by Mid-20 women

Designer Georgette Sarees

Georgette sarees are most liked by women of all age groups. It is due to the variations, lightweight or heavy, printed or embroidered, georgette sarees are best suited for all.

If you shop sarees, occasionally, you may opt for the embroidered georgette sarees. Embroidered sarees in georgette differ from hand embroidered to sequinned sarees. You can finish the look with a cape blouse or an off shoulder blouse.

Designer Georgette Saree with Cape from Lakme Fashion Week

Net Sarees

A see-through net sarees can easily accentuate the curves so well, while making a woman look sexy yet graceful at the same time. Unlike the designer georgette sarees, net sarees are generally preferred for cocktail parties or weddings. if you are in your mid 20s, then you may invest in a heavy embroidered net saree or a plain net saree.

Check a sample net saree in our website here: Designer Net Saree 

Floral Organza Sarees

Organza sarees are lightweight and are easy to carry. However, you can differentiate the organza saree by its sheer and shine which looks radically sophisticated. This kind of fuss free saree in floral prints is loved by many.

When you decide to buy an organza saree, look for the colors that best complement your skin tone. You may choose between the different dimensions of floral print as per your body type.

Floral Organza Saree

Sequin Saree

A versatile kind of a saree is a sequin-filled saree perfect for all occasions be it, cocktail parties, family gatherings or festivals. From bollywood actresses to housewives  - sequin sarees are ruling the trends across the country. Besides, shimmery georgette sequins, digital printed sequin sarees are also available in the market.

Ruffle Saree

Dating back from the 90s, ruffles sarees have made a major comeback in the current fashion scene. The trend for ruffle sarees is hottest in 2021. Ruffles give a chic spin to the all over traditional saree and therefore, is a favorite of all young women.

Invest in a good ruffle saree with heavy ruffles at the skirt or the 3- layered ruffles saree to give your look a chic retro twist.

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