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It's a Saree, Not Sorry

I have seen a number of people who often expresses their wish to try out a baluchari traditional kanjeevaram saree in a number of occasion, but they simply ignore to wear one. The most primarily it is the millennial generation who prefer to choose a long ethnic dress over a zari worked baluchari saree, as it is comfortable and easy to wear. Even there are people who ever say that the draping style of a baluchari silk saree online does not please them.

Though you might find a number of YouTube tutorial videos to educate you on the saree draping tips. However, when you actually try them out it is not always very fruitful. But somehow some millennials do manage to give it a good shot. (You can check my Instagram to find out some of my trendy patrons!)

So, I thought to come up with some beautiful and nice concepts that would not take up my saree sisters to the YouTube vlogs. Few simple tips to make a traditional saree like baluchari or kanjeevaram look graceful, yet trendy, chic, and in vogue! 

Image: From my Instagram - A snap of my millennial patron Anamika who draped Georgette Banarasi in a cool manner. Hit the pic to view my Insta Page!


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Saree Draping Style of the Various States of India - Part 2

Every blog I try to put something different, so when the other day a patron came to purchase a baluchari saree online, we exchanged a few text. She was like, Sumana how can I drape this old school saree to look chic. She was after a contemporary touch. I realized that she was not the first to pt up a question like this, actually many did. 

To help my dear patrons try out a traditional saree like baluchari with a contemporary touch, I did some research. A age-old saree with a quirky style can be done in this five easy ways! So hit it and enjoy your reading session.

#Tip 1: Pair your baluchari silk saree with a long jacket

Trust me lady nothing can be more special than this one. A correct form of brocade style long jacket or any type of ethnic jacket will gel like hell!

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#Tip 2: Try out an open cape

This is a classic diva look which Deepika Padukone to Angelina Jolie has given a try. It is worth a million! Trust me even a number of events in the world where Indian represents, our female diva just rocked with an open cape over a traditional saree - I remember some celebrity trying this out at Cannes Festival.


#Tip 3: Wearing a Shirt as a Blouse Instead

Ahem! I think most of my patron will be like, how Sumana is gelling it up. Dear, trust me this is an out and out style which is not going to harm your draping image, rather will showcase you as the best in the town! Don't believe me have a look at the picture below.


Image Credit: Mirraw 

#Tip 4: Cold Shoulder Blouses are Hit as anything

No this is true, it is not just for Sonam Kapoor or Piggy Chops - even you my dear patron can pair your traditional baluchari saree that you bought online the other day with an off shoulder blouse.

#Tip 5: And finally the Crop Top blouse

This is really going to come to the rescue if you can pair your baluchari with a lovely sequin woven crop top! I think it is nothing like a perfect combo, but you can call this one for sure!


Image Credit: Lakme India Fashion Week 2019

Why I chose to write this post?

Nah! it is not favor but a sheer heart to heart talk with my dear patrons who really want to zig up their saree in a latest format and not something in old school way.

I think that is enough to spice up your next party! Till then, let me come up with more draping up style for your conventional and traditional saree other than baluchari silk sarees.

Author Bio:

Sumana Bhattacharya completed her Masters in Economics from the University of Calcutta & was working with the Department of Education, Govt. of West Bengal to provide training to the teachers in Government Schools. She moved to USA in 2005 after getting married & is the mother of 2 kids. She is the one that drives IndyVogue every day, every hour, every minute and every second. Salute to her and her undying spirit.

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