Not 1 But 3 Unique Ways to Drape a Jamdani Saree

Jamdani is a sheer love it is not just a fabric. For the millennial, this fabric through traditional often might not attract due to its bulging outlook. However, as celebrities have started to pick that up sporting the jamdani saree in an elegant manner, I think people have started to fall for it. But they do not like the plain nivi style draping on their jamdani saree - what they want is something different and unique.

Nowadays styling your clothes differently changes the look of the most traditional attire into that of a modern one. So if you got your hands on an amazing jamdani saree online these three draping techniques will help you turn the most authentic Bengali traditional saree into a cool and fashionable drape.


Saree Draping Style of the Various States of India - Part 1

Saree Draping Style of the Various States of India - Part 2

#Tip 1: Hung it along the hand

This drape style is more or less the regular one. What you need to do is pleat your saree and let the pallu hang on the left shoulder along the hand. This draping style is very graceful and makes it easy for you to flaunt your pallu. You can tie-up a simple bun with this draping style to make yourself look different and in focus.

#Tip 2: Put it over the right shoulder

Yet another great way to try a jamdani saree which you bought online for the next big occasion is to let the pallu fall down your right shoulder. Starting from the back to the front the pallu falls and let you flaunt the heavy blouse that adds more zing to your jamdani saree. No matter whether it is butidar or plain check pattern.

#Tip 3: The Alternate Bengali Style

No, not the traditional “atpoure” style, I am talking about the alternate style. In this style what you need to do is pleat the pallu horizontally along the border and let it fall down in a slanting manner with the first pleat being the shortest in length. With this draping technique, you can become the next big fashionista.


Apart from these three unique ways to drape a saree another simple way to add uniqueness to the your draping style is a club the jamdani saree with heavy blouse or some of the quirky crop tops. If you are looking for a jamdani saree online for the next big occasion, you can just slide through our page, we’re the largest contributor of classic jamdani sarees right now at Austin.

Just what you wanted !!!!

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