The Charming Banarasi Sarees Are Changing: Did You Know?

The Charming Banarasi Sarees Are Changing: Did You Know?

We know that the only word that keeps on evolving is CHANGE.

Change is inevitable and it is mandatory for every industry. Same it is with the fabric industry. The saree is the ancient drape in India and one of the flourishing industries. The fabrics used in making a saree has also evolved with time. Since the Vedic Age we have seen sarees to go ups and wons, try out various kind of dyes, designs, patterns and most importantly fabrics to reconstruct a new culture.

Historians claim that under every rule or dynasty, a new fabric has come up. And some of the fabric has gone pertinent changes and claim to become more beautiful. One such fabric is BANARASI.

Banarasi saree available online today has flourished from the shores of the Ganges flowing in Varanasi. The only way to progress is to embrace the changes, and banarasi weavers from India have actually adopted that.

With time the banarasi saree weavers have understood the customer preference. They have been changing the design, pattern and bringing product diversification daily.

Do you like the change? How Banarasi Sarees have evolved?

As I said that with consumer preference the banarasi sarees have changed with time. Even I have stocked them in my inventory. You can browse through my latest collection on Meenakari Banarasi, Tussar + Katan Banarasi variety, Floral Embroidered Banarasi, Buta Banarasi, Jute Banarasi, Patola Banarasi, Georgette Banarasi, Satin Banarasi and lot more.


In order to cater to the needs of both overseas and domestic buyers, the weavers have undergone a lot of change. You can take a tour of Sabyasachi Collections - the eminent designer from India who is popular for draping celebs from Bollywood to Bollywood in Indian ethnics, especially Banarasi.

The growing demand of the overseas buyers for various non-conventional products is an important reason for the change. Even though the share of the change is negligible, but the total production count has increased.

With the right mix of varieties and bringing new changes in the traditional materials and accessories is making banarasi sarees more eminent and evolving.



2 thoughts on “The Charming Banarasi Sarees Are Changing: Did You Know?


A very nice blog on the weaves of the ethnics, especially Banarasi. The blog is elaborate and gives very good information to the Baranasi saree lovers.

February 4, 2020 at 15:02pm
Resham Shilpi

Nice post. i really like the blog about silk sarees

March 19, 2019 at 13:10pm

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