An Elegant Visit to See Some Smiling Faces

An Elegant Visit to See Some Smiling Faces

At IndyVogue we believe in live and let live. We make sure that we bring happiness not only to those who have enough to thrive well but also to those who are happy with a small contribution. We try to be a part of the neglected, torn apart and destitute and people who are lonesome in the world, with a small gesture.

This Durga Puja we have done something special just like every year. Staying at Austin, far from my country I often miss my people, but what I miss the most is some rare smile that I have always tried to bring. Me along with the hubby Bhaskar has been walking down strange addresses every year in order to provide some light, laughter, and warmth to a few lonely people.

This year it was no exception.

A Day at Sonarpur Destitute Home

We have been in the Sonarpur location this year to be with the big and large-hearted children and adults of the world. Destitute Home situated in the Sonarpur location has a galore of lonesome people. This organization is run by Nari Kalyan Samity.

The total number of residents in this location is 61. The age group of these people includes from age group 3 years to 65 years. We witnessed that some of the people are retarded.

This organization also runs a school that is is up to class 10. We saw a dance teacher and art teacher who helps the students to grow up and be actively taking part in the career-oriented outlook.

Check out some cool images of the day and see those smiling faces! They are indeed so cheerful.

What do the older residents do?

Well, these people also take part in a number of activities. They weave a lot of items like cloth and even prepare handmade items like jam, jelly etc. The organization sell the products and let the adult enjoy independence and confidence.

We tried to help the organization with belittle things we have. They already receive a lot of help from the NGOs. Our small contribution is our token of love. We will be visiting this organization as in love with the place.


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