Kanjeevaram Saree and Your Weddings - How to Find the Perfect Match

Kanjeevaram Saree and Your Weddings - How to Find the Perfect Match

When it is your wedding, I know being a woman you always want the best for you. Whether it is your floral jewelry in the “haldi ceremony” or selecting the bridal saree. You want the best thing to happen around you on that particular day. You are not alone there are so many who have similar thoughts.

If you just can pair the right Kanjeevaram saree on the wedding day, being a bride none can steal away from you. Though you will be the center of attraction, the bright color of the saree will make you gleam, keeping all other outcasted and shadowed. And trust me all bride wants that things to happen at least once in their lifetime.

Shopping a Kanjeevaram saree is a must for a bride, but how will you pair the best elements? And it is particularly the wedding saree in Southern India - and how the brides here choose or make the perfect nuptial bonding before they actually engage into one?

Well, if you are a South India, preparing for your marriage soon, I think you can learn these certain tips from me. Even if you are not and going to try something different as a bridal saree in your wedding, then also these selection tips might be the brightest ever.


Tip #1: Choosing the color of the saree matching your body tone

Kanchi silk weavers are believed to be the descendants of Sage Markanda, the weaver of the Gods. So it is considered to be the finest of the silks made purely from mulberry silk threads. So, you get ample of natural colors to choose from when it comes to matching with your body tone.

As you get them from natural fibers so the silk threads are darker. Let them be dark, but you choose bright colors. Choose the same color kanjeevaram saree, not a half and half variety, as a single color will make you look tall. If you like to look thin, try shades like dark blue or chrome yellow. The best is to choose dual tones with identical colors like pink and gold.

Tip #2: Look for the embellishments in your Kanjeevaram Saree you bought online

The embellishments which you find on the kanjeevaram saree bought online is sure to enhance your overall look. Say if you are a little bulky, try to choose a saree that has fewer embellishments, rather choose something that has a heavy border with gold sequins or zari work.

Tip #3: Your choice of the blouse is the next best thing

What kind of blouse goes with your kanjeevaram saree? That is a way to ensemble your entire attire. You can go for the contrast say you choose red and green kanjeevaram like this one you have chosen, pair it with a blouse with red and green motifs.


Tip #4: How to drape the Kanjeevaram saree you bought online?

Well, if you are trying to wear a kanjeevaram saree for your wedding, here some crazy draping ideas to be the best-dressed bride this year.

  1. Go for fusion dressing like a lehenga style bridal wear. In case if you have a heavy pallu with a sequin or zari work will make you look gorgeous.
  2. With a heavy pallu kanjeevaram saree, you can easily show it off by keeping the pallu in the front instead of keeping in the back and tieing a belly chain. Use a Gujarati style saree draping instead.
  3. For sarees with rich and heavy borders go and try the Mumtaz style saree draping and flaunt your beautiful curves.
  4. You can try a gold belt with your Kanjeevaram Saree and the moment you are done with the draping pleat the pallu neatly and tighten with pins. Bring the tip of the pallu in the front and tuck the same near the waist.

If you think that these tips have been exciting, then please let not stop yourself and start shopping for your wedding! Happy Wedding!

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