The first month !!!!

The first month !!!!

When we started IndyVogue, it was just a hobby but very soon, with all your love and appreciation, it became a passion. We all know, that in todays world, to have a website is essential. But with all other activities going on simultaneously, this went to the back seat. But with the coming of 2017, we knew it was time. Our team worked tirelessly, day and night, to get the site ready....Content, pictures, pages, collection, videos and very soon things started taking shape.We did lots of testing and every time an order was placed, the mobile app made a jingling sound !!!! And on Jan 24, 2017....we finally launched

Our patrons and friends were the first one to use the site and place order. We were very happy. But the real test would be to get an order from someone who does not know us and this could take weeks and months or even a year. Who would trust this newly launched site to order? Why would they choose us among the hundreds of other sites? The first day passed by and so most of Jan 25. We just finished dinner on the night of Jan 25, it was 8:45 PM when suddenly the mobile made a jingling sound !!! Who is testing the site at this weird hour? Suddenly I realized that we are already live !!!! I rushed to get my cell phone and in a trembling hand opened the app....I could not believe my eyes, IndyVogue has received its first real order of $65 from Fremont, CA. This was such a special feeling for all of US. 

Today, is One Month Old and we want to thank all our patrons who have worked with us. Here is what our first few customers had to say about us....


Yes, we are new....Yes, we are small....But we really deliver what we promise. All the pictures of the products that you see are the ones you will be receiving. And we will make sure, they are the best quality available in the market as we hand pick each and every item of ours. 

Today, we are bringing to you our latest collection of sarees and salwar....Shop online and like IndyVogue. Thanks and have a wonderful day !!!!


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