We are nervous !!!!! And we are excited !!!!

We are nervous !!!!! And we are excited !!!!

You all remember the movie "Dangal", right.......what a fabulous performance by Aamir Khan and his team. But when Aamir was making the movie, he was not sure how the movie would be received by the audience, the only thing that he knew was to give his best. At IndyVogue, we follow similar philosophy. We work very hard to choose the best attires for you, we make sure that things are perfect and then we bring those to our esteemed patrons. And each time a new shipment lands here in Austin, I feel the same nervousness as Aamir......Our next shipment will arrive in Austin sometimes next week. It takes quite some time to get customs clearance in India. And this time we have handpicked the very best and exclusive items for you. From Silk Mark Certified Banaras Tasar Silk to the finest quality designer Salwar & Suites, we have it all. Here is a glimpse of what you can expect......


Salwar Collection

And this is not all........this is just a glimpse. Stay tuned for more updates from our team. Stay blessed, good night !!!!!


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