The Untold Stories Of Nakshi Kantha

The Untold Stories Of Nakshi Kantha

Sarees - Saree Lovers - Kantha Sarees – Bengal – Shantiniketan…all these are intermingled and potray a unique craftsmanship, unique art piece in our mind.

The Deep Rooted History

Date back in the 1st and 2nd Century, Kantha stitch was initially stitched on to the layered old cloths for making kantha (Bengali Quilt). The tradition of stitching different designs on to the kantha portraying animal, bird, floral motifs or even the day to day activities of the rural artisans, common people; make it unique and extensive. There are also mythological explanations of the Kantha available, but we won’t like to discuss it here. But who gets interest, can find the myth related to the Samudra Manthan and the swallowing of poison (halahala) by Lord Shiva.

Kantha tradition is rooted deep into the land of Tagore – Shantiniketan, Bolpur in Bribhum district of West Bengal. And a little stretch is found in Orissa and a few districts of Bangladesh. But Shantiniketan represents Nakshi Kantha (Ornamental Kantha hand Embroidery) and also the Kantha Stitch represents the cultural and artistic values of Shantiniketan in a greater extent.

Spread of the Kantha Embroidery

With the passing time, exposure to the outer world, and popularity among different people from different parts of the world, the Kantha Embroidery has become more conveniently presented. It’s now not restricted within the quilts, or pillow covers, asanas, arshilata, or other home decors. But kantha embroidery is now most popular on to the gorgeous pure silks of Murshidabad, Bishnupur. Mostly on the best quality (silk mark) silk sarees, this Bengal art is also popular on comfortable cotton/ handloom sarees, salwar kameez, dupatta, Punjabi (men’s), skirts, indo-western dresses. Even the internationally acclaimed designers (including foreigner designers) experiment with the century old Bengali legacy.

IndyVogue Brings the Uniqueness

Whenever there’s a unique option in saree, IndyVogue is there to bring that for the patrons. The same happens with the Exclusive Kantha Embroidery Sarees. Here, IndyVogue has already introduced the exclusive Kantha Sarees. But this blog is to tell you all the untold stories behind these luxurious Silk Mark Certified Pure Silk Sarees adored with intricate Kantha Embroidery.

Every emotions attached to these unique pieces will leave you spellbound. The hard-work, skill, concentration, and passion, all these emotions are mingled within the motifs, patterns, stitches. All those artisans’ hard-work is saluted when we adore these sarees with great expectations and acceptance.

Here, IndyVouge has included Five amazing exclusive Kantha Stitch sarees in the collection and we guarantee you, these sarees are One Piece…you won’t get the exact same saree anywhere (if you find, money back is assured). All these five sarees are differently beautiful, gorgeous and appealing.

Among these five-

    • Two have Shantiniketan Hand Batik in the body with single color dyed in the border, skirt and pallu with intricate Kantha Embroidery. (Off White & Red/Rust Combination Silk Mark Bishnupur Silk)
  • One has White-Black-Gray color palette with luxurious Warli motifs embroidered in classic kantha Stitch all over body. (Silk Mark Bishnupur Silk)


  • One is Light Cream pure silk, perfectly bejeweled with tribal motif appliqué border, pallu and extensive kantha stitch in border, pallu and body in Dark Red combination. (Silk Mark Tasar Silk)
  • And the last one (never the least!) is in magnificent Soil Red (Mete Lal- the very own color of the Rarha Bangla) with exceptional Mughal art inspired (Silk Mark Bangalore Silk) full bloom flowers and creepers.


All these five sarees are exclusive, and these are weaved and embroidered with utmost love, passion and skill. Each of the saree has taken seven to ten months to get completed. Lots of hard-work and zeal of the passionate artisans are in these sarees…you will feel the emotions wreathed within the threads.


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