Durga Puja - A nostalgia that grasp's every Bong's emotions !!!!

Durga Puja - A nostalgia that grasp's every Bong's emotions !!!!

Shiuli flower's fragrance filling up the autumn breeze… the soothing ‘kash phul’ view… the ‘kumortuli’ clicks… the ‘notun jama’ shopping… the ‘dhaak-er awaj’… the ‘ashtami-r anjali’… the ‘dhunuchi-nach’… the ‘pujor bhog’… the ‘pandal hopping’… the ‘sindoor khela’ and finally the ‘bijoya dashami’, the magical baritone of Birendra Krishna Bhadra on the early Mahalaya morning brings in the much awaited ‘Pujor Gondho’.

Austin, Texas : The alarm rang as the clock struck 04:00. She woke up, startled. It was dead silence outside as the world around her was sound asleep. She wandered why she had set the alarm so early. Then she realized what was so special about the day. Back home in Kolkata, setting an alarm on this day was never necessary. We Bengalis wake up to…

‘Jago, Tumi Jago…’

Finally, wiping her eyes with a smile on her lips, she plugged in those earphones and played Mahalaya, her final try since last two weeks to feel “home”, miles away from home.

Durga Pujo is not just a festival, it’s an emotion. You haven’t seen anything if you haven’t seen the grandeur of Kolkata lit up for the Pujo.

For some fortunate ones it’s somewhat like…

  • Leaves Approved
  • Packing
  • Air tickets

Everything else can wait… Durga Pujo cannot! Home-bound! The birds finally heading back to their nests!

Bengalis all over the world yearn for Durga Pujo, be in and around Kolkata or abroad and Pujo definitely calls for new attires. So, a big shout-out to the ladies out there.

We, at IndyVogue, wish you "Shubho Sharodiya" !

Once again, here we come with great zeal and vibrant colors would dress you up and make you pujo-ready with friendly pockets…

Welcome the fresh pujo mornings with our sober and soothing collection of comfort rich ‘Dhakai Jamdani’ collection…

The Shashti and Saptami evenings demand to be sober and light. So, varied printed ‘Pure Silks’ will definitely catch your attention…

The Ashtami and Nabami evenings demand bright, colorful and glamorous outlook. So, here we present to you some eye candies…

Beautifying you is our utmost priority and we do it with all our heart and soul…

Visit us! Encourage us! Keep your love coming in! Happy Shopping! Ashchhe Bochhor Abar Hobe!


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