Tussar Silk Sarees - Are they the real Bae for next party?

Tussar Silk Sarees - Are they the real Bae for next party?

We know that silk means the best and first thing that clicks in our mind are Banarasis or Kanjeevarams. However, do you know that Banarasis is not just one single variety, you have so many silk types when it comes to Banarasis. And the finest one among them is Tussars.

Tussar silk sarees are one of the natural made silk fibers. The natural fibers come with a golden undertone naturally. This is a special weave and renders a coarse texture and it refracts two different share of the same color.

Among the hot places in India that produce Tussar Silks in abundance are tribal areas of Jharkhand. They are the homeground and produce wonderful pieces. This is no exaggeration but Tussar Silk sarees has put all of India in the forefront for their beauty and elegance. They are even popular with the Indian celebs and outside in the Hollywood. You will find that there is no age restriction to wear these sarees. But does that make tussar silk sarees available online a real bae for all?

Definitely guys.

Some amazing facts about Tussar silk sarees available online that will confirm, these silks are real ba anytime.

Amazing Facts of Tussar Silk Sarees

  • They come in array of unknown colors, and the widest choice and greatest usage of two tones
  • They refract light and make them ideal for the wedding seasons. So to grab the attention of the audience around, nothing could be better.
  • When you buy these silk sarees, you will find they are porous and light-weight - so make it the perfect wear for summers.
  • It offers a neat drape and does not make you look flashy.

Above all, these silk sarees are one of the best pick among both millennial and the baby boomers.

Type of Tussar Silk Sarees Available with IndyVogue

  1. Banarasi Tussars
  2. Ghicha Tussars
  3. Pure Tussar with Hand Paint
  4. Pure Tussar with Embroidery
  5. Art Tussar
  6. Designer Tussar
  7. Cotton-Base Tussar

How to Make it a Complete Bae on Next Party?

The Tussar Silks are for the graceful drapes, but it won't look good if you do not accessorize properly. Take my words.

So here is my style fundas exclusively for you.

  1. If you are wearing a plain Tussar Silk, try out mirror work blouses and pair it with a matching mirror-work clutch bag
  2. For jewelry try out matte or alloy based to perk up the look
  3. Choose metallic bangles to jingle and shine
  4. For the hairdo, nothing much just a bun will look cool with fresh orchids or a rose for a retro look.
  5. Stone bindis work perfectly with tussars
  6. Go for embroidered jutis or mojaris, or may be kitten heels with these sarees.

Hope, this cheat sheet will complete your next look with a Tussar Silk Sarees. Keep me posted of your look on my Facebook page.


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