What Makes Gadwal Sarees Stand Out in the Crowd of Elegant Sarees of India?

What Makes Gadwal Sarees Stand Out in the Crowd of Elegant Sarees of India?

Gadwal sarees - what makes it so unique among so many sarees that we have in India. Even in the USA, many of my patrons often place an order for quality Gadwal sarees online. What makes buyers run after gadwal sarees online and offline?


Gadwal Sarees - An Overview

Originated in Andhra Pradesh and it tends to look distinctive because it is nicely woven within cotton weft and golden brocade patterns and comes refurbished with embellishing designs. In general, the borders of this sarees have contrasting colors that make it more appealing.

Why Buy Gadwal Saree Online?

Facts that make gadwal sarees stand out in the crowd they are lesser known, yet they make them the best.

  1. If you pick a traditional gadwal saree online, you will find that the seller will inform you that a local weaver has woven it. This is the only saree that can fold down to the size of a small matchbox proving it to be so soft.
  2. The body of the gadwal saree is woven in cotton whereas the border is made of silk.
  3. A traditional gadwal silk saree available online is usually woven with colored pallu and border and solid body color. This is something traditional and ethnic.
  4. Gadwal sarees also known as Kootu and has a unique aspect and the fact lies in the story that the cotton body is a part of the silky warp.
  5. Another most variant of Gadwal is Kudapam and this form has a contrasting border and the pallu comes with three shuttle techniques. These days you will find the cotton body with a variety of eye-catching motifs.

How to Shop Elegant Gadwal Sarees Online?

If you like to buy Gadwal sarees online, but finding it hard to spot the perfect one then pay attention to the border and body portions. A gorgeous Gadwal will have the lovely and contrasting combination of borders and solid color body. The border appears to be decorated and relatively plain and has enriching motifs of mango, peacock and other traditional motifs.

You can now spot a Gadwal saree online that has a body made of pure Bangalore silk. These sarees available online are aptly used for religious and ceremonial occasions.

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