Not Matching, But a Contrast Designer Blouse Can Change the Way You Look

Not Matching, But a Contrast Designer Blouse Can Change the Way You Look

No, I am not a fashionista, I do not speak like the pro. I am writing this piece from my own experience. Trust me gone are the days of those matching saree blouse concept. When our mother used to shop a saree with matching blouse piece in them that might have the prints or the design of the sarees pallu or the same body color as the saree.

This monopoly has broken. It has come out from the shackles of the dumb look and wants to make every feminine appearance BOLD and BEAUTIFUL.

None can deny the fact that we love to pick a contrast and designer blouse for our gorgeous saree in the next party rather than a petty matching blouse. Am I right?

From the introduction of the blouse in the European time to Bollywood films and intense use of blouse in Indian occasions and festive - this piece of cloth has evolved greatly. It has gone vast changes just to give you the best appeal with the saree you wear. Every time the blouse wants to give you the more sex appeal and never misfires.

However, in the silver screen everything looks so TRENDY and fitting on the celebs but whenever you try them on yourself it does not work the way you have seen. Why SO?

What you need to try on yourself is a designer blouse? YES. Stop trying those matching blouse element you need to adore the change in you.

Why Am I Saying So? Why Asking You To Try Designer Blouse?

Well, I have my reasons to tell you to shop online designer blouses.

Number One. A designer blouse shopped online will make you turn from rags to riches. You can play with many factors with a designer blouse. They come in patterns, textures, colors and you can mix and match and create so much with this tiny apparel. A blouse can create the whole statement when you wear a saree.

Like how about pairing a cold shoulder blouse in bright color with a Bishnupuri or a Tussar Silk in light color.

Number Two. Choose anything long sleeve, short sleeve or no sleeve at all. After all, it is your comfort that will determine the rest. Yes, the sleeves talk a lot. The hand extension of your blouse talks a lot. Like you can always pick a collar neck with mini sleeves. You can also try those classic square neck, both front and back with no sleeves at all. With a traditional jamdani try full sleeve blouse with frill in the wrist.

Number Three. All secrets lie in the fabric. When you try out a silk saree without zari border and deck it up with a printed blouse, which is well fit and comes with a collar neck, the look you carry perks up naturally. Take a sneak peek of the designer blouse pattern catalog and you will realize the whole world together. Say a boat design blouse might create magic without a neck jewelry if the fabric is that valuable or of quality.

Number Four. The fitting must be great and should be the next breakthrough. When it comes to shopping online designer blouses you should try to trust a professional. You might have a good or great idea to choose a neckline, the saree blouse fitting might persist. So go to an expert take his or her consultation and then determine the fittings of your blouse. What look will suit you, which design on a blouse will compliment your saree will beautifully be guided by a professional, so have a talk with them.

And to end this blog for today I will ask my patrons to mix and match always. Rather experiment your looks when it comes to blouses. You can try something bright, go full waist length, try crop-tops style blouses, cold shoulders, off shoulders or halter necks with contrasting texture to be CLASSY and SASSY every time you try out your blouses.

Author Bio

Sumana is one of the fashion-buff who has cherished her fashion goal ever since a long time. Her passion took her to open an exclusive boutique called IndyVogue that introduces every woman to traditional Indian attires mainly sarees, skirts and salwar. She is no hardcore businesswomen, but a homemaker who keeps on giving fashion goals that will never fade.


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