AnandaDhara Art from UK Performs on Stage Draped in IndyVogue Sarees

AnandaDhara Art from UK Performs on Stage Draped in IndyVogue Sarees

This is an honor when you find something creative getting associated and that has the touch of your Indian roots. No matter where you belong there are some heavenly things that tells you are still an Indian by heart. I got an opportunity similar to this year through AnandaDhara Art Group based in Kensington, UK.

Well, the art and cultural team of AnnadaDhara does their Annual Fest every year with a new theme. And this time their Fest “Jalsha” was based on the theme of “Tagore’s Barsha Mongol”. Monsoons were greeted in Kabi Guru’s time in Shantiniketan with programmes termed as ‘Barsha Mongol’. It was celebrated to rejoice the warmth and depth of rainy season. It was the favorite season of the beloved poet. He has composed numerous, songs on his favourite season monsoon. Classical Ragas namely Miyaki Mallhar, Megha Mallhar, Desh Mallhar, Gour Mallar, Des were extensively used in those songs.

Keeping the impact, AnandaDhara Art group in UK, welcomed the monsoon season with Barsha Mongol at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan on 7th of July. And I take a little share of this amazing performance as all the beautiful ladies wore a white and blue colored Khadi Cotton Saree from IndyVogue.

When the Rain Dances...

They had an amazing show. On stage those lovely ladies reciting the monsoon songs and poem draped in white and blue colored saree, made the ambience more delightful and poignant. The mood of the rains as sketched by the poet having marks of different colours, reflects intricate human reactions to a season. Similarly the sarees worn by the ladies of AnandaDhara perfectly synced along with.

It was really a proud moment for IndyVogue in this journey of two years and I am happy to accomplish and get showcased on such a big stage and have my venture catching up the eyes of so many beautiful admirers or art, beauty and culture.

To end,

“Sawan Gagane Ghor Ghana Ghata, Nishitha Yamini Re.

Kunjapathe  Sakhi Kayese  Jaobo Abalakamini Re….”

Just like the poet etched the charm and depth of those evenings with himself reciting and singing, the programme was alike and enchanting.

Letter of Thanks

I will cordially like to thank the entire team of AnandaDhara to represent your beauty and enigma draped in Khadi cotton sarees from IndyVogue.


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